Votre Texturiser Grain Exfoliant Review


Votre Texturiser Grain Exfoliant Review


As almost all of you know that scrubbing is essential part of a healthy skin care regime though the frequency of scrubbing may differ person to person. I have seen many people do scrubbing alternate days, some do it twice a week, some once a week and some rather lazy people like me do it once a fortnight 😀 Kidding! Major reason I do it once a fortnight is that my skin is very sensitive and it gets irritated with frequent scrubbing and I find most of the scrubs harsh on skin even if I scrub for only 2-3 mins. So for me HG scrub is besan(gram flour), turmeric paste with rose water. But a girl especially a blogger one can get bored of the same stuff 😛 So I still try different scrubs and here I’m with my finding about one such quest. Presenting Votre Texturiser Grain Exfoliant.

Votre Texturiser Grain Exfoliant 2

Votre Texturiser Grain Exfolient : What is it?

An excellent, all natural deep cleansing scrub for treating all skin types, Especially beneficial for oily, blemish prone skin and dull complexions, This scrub actively cleans pores leaving your skin extra smooth & fresh. (For oily skin)
• 100% vegetarian /vegan
• Non-Comedogenic (won’t clog pores)
• Non-Oily
• Dermatologist Tested
• Formulated without Petrolatum &dyes
• PETA Certified
• BUAV Certified
• Cruelty Free
• Micro Biologically & Analytically tested

Ingredients & Directions to Use:

Special Features: Clay – rich in minerals, helps detoxify the skin by drawing impurities out of even the smallest pore. Black Walnut – gentle Exfoliant, brightens skin complexion. Tulsi, Lemon – soothes and promotes skin healing while Neem, Tulsi promotes – strong anti-inflammatory benefits.

Votre Texturizer Grain Exfoliant

Price & Quantity:

850/- INR for 100gms. Shelf-life of 30 months/2.5 yrs. you can buy it from nykaa, jabong & fabbag.

Votre Texturiser Grain Exfoliant Review

My Experience with Votre Texturiser Grain Exfoliant:


Votre Texturiser Grain Exfoliant comes in a white carton box with silver lining 🙂 The box has all the product name and price and expiry date. Inside the box there is a transparent square tub with blunt edges and silver screw open cap which contains the scrub. The tub has stickers containing ingredient list and directions to use. The tub is sealed properly. Lightweight packaging makes it travel friendly.

Texture & feel:

The scrub comes in a powder form and looks herbal. When applied as directed it does not feel harsh on skin and spreads easily on skin.

Votre Texturiser Grain Exfoliant 1


Votre Texturiser Grain Exfoliant is a part of new range by votre(introductory post here). I apply it making a paste with water/rose water use it as instructed. It feels mild on skin and I feel like massaging it for 5 mins and then I wash it off. My skin feels refreshed, smooth and clear. It does what it claims. It cleans even smallest pores and skin feels detoxified and rejuvenated. I don’t feel the need to run for a moisturizer though I always follow up with toner & moisturizer after washing my face. Dry skin beauties will have to apply it moisturizer after it. It really worked well on my sensitive skin which was over irritated for past one month due to city change and all. It calms down irritation and works more as a scrub cum facepack. I am absolutely loving it and going to restock it whenever going to find it on discount.

Votre Texuriser Grain Exfoliant paste

What I like:

  • Everything.
  • Packaging
  • Effective on sensitive and irritated skin.
  • cleans pores
  • claims are true.
  • All herbal.
  • Works as scrub cum facepack.
  • Amount needed is very less so the product goes a long way.

What I don’t like:

  • Pricey.

Final Verdict: 4.9/5(-ve for higher price tag)

I love it. You get your hands on it if you spot it on discount. Other than price tag, everything else is winner about this product.

Repurchase: hell yeah! 😀

Recommended: YES.

Have you used Votre Texturiser Grain Exfoliant ?  share you thoughts in comment section below.

Till next time…take care…xoxo.

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  1. I do love this product by your review, I soo wana try it ‘coz it’s all natural. It sounds like it sure is perfect for my skin type. Great job with the review Anubhuti

  2. Nice!! This product looks really interesting! I like that its got alot of natural ingredients in it…wowo..@@Would love to give it a try! :)seems good face mask i will buy it in my next purchase..!!!!!
    Great job with the review Anubhuti..:):)

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