DIY Make Your Regular T-shirt Chic


DIY Make Your Regular T-shirt Chic

Heylo Ladies,

How have you been? Today I’m here with another easy-peasy DIY to Make Your Regular T-shirt Chic which i do for most of my round neck t-shirts. I am a big fan of Men’s t-shirts or loose t-shirts but the problem with them is most of them come with round neck which I don’t like much. Or sometimes I do it because the neck is too tight or sleeves are too long. So lets take a look at the pictures to get the idea πŸ™‚

You require the t-shirt which needs redemption πŸ˜› and a pair of scissors.

Your Regular T-shirt

Step 1: Cut the neck to the depth you are comfortable with. Usually cutting just along the border works πŸ™‚ cut the neck equally from front and back.

DIY Make Your Regular T-shirt Chic_Step 1

Step 2: Cut the sleeves’ ends too, this will give uniformity plus it looks cool πŸ™‚

DIY Make Your Regular T-shirt Chic_Step 2

You are ready with a comfy t-shirt now rock it whatever way you like.

Final Result_Chic T-shirt

Here is my Picture of the day πŸ™‚

Final Result_Chic T-shirt picture of the day

Let me know in comments how you find this DIY idea? Have you ever done it? πŸ™‚ Love to hear your cool ideas πŸ™‚

Till next time…take care…xoxo.

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This is such a great idea, simple and easy. Love your DIY ideas. πŸ™‚


That was really easy peasy! Great DIY though it needs carefule cutting skills to achieve a good result. πŸ™‚


Easy DIY. I am fan of men’s t-shirts as well. Their designs are different and some feel very comfortable.


Love the idea, definitely not tried this one before ❗


Nice DIY dear. its looking great.


looking amazing!! awesome diy will love to try out too!!
πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


oh yes..i have done it and it really makes a boring tee fun πŸ˜€ you look great πŸ˜€


Great idea.. that T-shirt is soo cute πŸ˜€

Nissi Mendes

So pretty in this Shirt! Lovely!!

β™₯ Nissi

shonali singh

WOW! This is a very attractive and amazing post. I appreciate your posted topic. Thank you for sharing such a useful post.

Kashifah Shaikh

I loved it!

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