V Wash Plus Expert intimate Hygiene Wash Review


Heylo Everyone,
For today’s post I took my own sweet time to overcome my shyness to talk about this topic on my blog but better late than never. In my opinion intimated hygiene is something every person must take care of as it really helps reducing chances of any kind of infection in your intimate area. Women are more prone to infections in their intimate area hence they need to be extra careful taking care of their lady parts. This is where intimate washes come in picture. V Wash Plus Expert intimate Hygiene wash claims to maintain pH balance and keep private parts bacteria and odour-free. Lets read on to know if it fullfils the claims or not…

V Wash intimate Hygiene Review:

V Wash Expert Intimate Hygiene

Price, Quantity & Shelf-life:

150/- INR for 100 ml. 2 yrs shelf-life.

V Wash Expert Intimate Hygiene Price

Ingredients of V Wash Plus Expert intimate Hygiene wash:

Key Ingredients – Lactic Acid 1.2%w/v.
Other ingredients – Purified water, Triethanolamine Lauryl Sulphate, Ammonium Lauryl Sulphate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate, Phenoxyethanol and Benzoic Acid(and) Dehydroacetic Acid, Sorbitol, Hydroxypropyl Cellulose, Polyquaternium-7, Fragrance, Hippophae Rhamnoides(Sea buckthorn) Fruit Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Tea Tree Oil(Melaleuca Alternifolia).

V Wash Expert Intimate Hygiene Review



This bottles comes packed inside a carton box having similar print as bottle which i threw in starting.

V Wash Expert Intimate Hygiene Wash

Performance of V Wash Plus Expert intimate Hygiene wash:

V Wash Plus Expert intimate Hygiene wash  lathers pretty well and only coin-size quantity is required for single time use. I find it very runny and I end up spilling more than required. When I started using it V Wash Plus Expert intimate Hygiene wash, it caused irritation to my skin hence I stopped using it but when I ran out of my oriflame intimate wash, I decided to give it another try. I shook the bottle well before using it this time and it worked fine. It keeps the area fresh and odour free. It has mild floral fragrance. But sometimes I felt it irritated my skin and made it little itchy then I would shake the bottle again and it would work well.

V Wash Expert Intimate Hygiene Swatch

I read online reviews and found out that most of the ladies found it really good for an intimate wash but a few ladies mentioned that they had similar reaction to it like I did but . So it depends on person to person. I concluded that there is something in the ingredient list which was not suitable for my skin hence my skin would feel itchy and irritated when I did not shake the solution for few days.

What I like:

  • lathers well and cleans effectively.
  • Can be used daily.
  • Smells floral.
  • Keeps intimate area clean and odour free.

What I don’t like:

  • Irritates my skin and make it itchy sometimes.
  • Very runny consisitency.

Final Verdict: 3/5

V Wash Plus Expert intimate Hygiene is not a repurchase for me as It irritated my skin sometimes. I found it pretty average and quite runny. I would suggest that if you try this and it makes your skin itchy then stop using it or mix solution well by shaking bottle. If irritation continues, stop using it. If you have existing problem in your intimate area, consult your gynac before using it.

So Ladies what do you think about V Wash Plus Expert intimate Hygiene? have you used any of these 2 products? do let me know what are your thoughts about these? Love to hear from you.

Till next time…Take care…xoxo.

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  1. I think that intimate hygiene is an important topic and we shouldn’t feel shy talking about it! x Shame that this one ended up irritating your skin. 🙁 I’ll probably give it a miss, so thank you for the honest review. <3 Hope you're having a lovely weekend, hun! x


  2. That’s a bummer!!! I am using Beauty Formulas for a long time now, and it works fine for me. Though I will not recommend the gel one, because it does not foam at all, but if that is not an issue with you, you can try them out.
    My Recent post: Current Winter care Favourites

    1. Oh glad it worked for you..Actually i did some research on this and found there are very few cases in which this did not work and unfortunately i am one of them 🙂

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