Tip of the Week: How to get False Eyelashes Look(without using False Eyelashes)


Tip of the Week: How to get False Eyelashes Look(without using False Eyelashes)

Heylo Lovelies,

Are you excited for the upcoming weekend? Hell yeah I am! despite knowing it is going to be super-hectic 🙂

I have received great response on my “Tip of the Week” posts so far so I’ve decided to be regular with such tips and tricks. I am a big fan for quick tips and tricks for makeup and i love to share if I learn something new. Today tip is how you can get the false eyelashes look without actually using falsies?

Double-Ended Eyeliner Look EOTD

Though I have been blessed with good eyelashes but still sometimes i believe in over-dramatizing them and i hate falsies. So here is a trick which i use to give my lashes false-eyelashes look.

1. curl your lashes.

2. Take baby powder(you can use translucent powder also) on your eyeshadow/flat brush, tap out the excess powder and swirl it over your eyelashes making sure that your eyelashes are covered in powder.

3. Apply one coat of mascara and if you have not-so-thick lashes then repeat step 2 again.

4. Apply 2 more coats of mascara( wait for 3-4 seconds between mascara coats as you don’t want the clumpy look )

5. Tight-line your upper waterline, it fill any gaps between lashes.

Double-Ended Eyeliner Look EOTD Products used

So Ladies this is how  I achieve dramatic false eyelashes look without even using false eyelashes.

Have you used this trick? Will you give it a try? Drop your comments in comment section below. Love to hear from you always.

Till next time.. Take care..xoxo

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