Simple, Quick and Easy Nailart Ideas and NOTDs


Heylo ladies, How you doing? I’m afraid to step-out in day time as Delhi-NCR summers are at coming to its fullest. Really it’s getting very hot here by every passing day. Coming to the post topic today I’m going to share Simple, Quick and Easy Nailart Ideas, I’m really not a girl of proper detailed and pretty nail arts 😛 I don’t have patience to do that though I love painting but nailpainting is totally different. I actually have to plan for painting my nail (silly me..I always forget to paint my nails :P)

So I have tried some really cool ideas of how you can experiment with your all usual montone nail-color trend and turn it to easily done nailarts.

Here I’m posting few examples of how I experimented some basic already existing trends by just giving it a new colourful twist.

Color-blocking French Menicure:

For this easy nailart use any of the 2 complimentary colors from your nailpaint wardrobe and create colored French manicure. I’ve used Maybelline coloshow colors (Pink and midnight blue/moonlight and miss-you-blue) to create old classic French manicure. You can use any two color from wide varieties. I call it “spicy manicure” 😛

Color-blocking French Manicure 1Color-blocking French Manicure IdeasColor-blocking French Manicure 2

Mix and Match:

This is a super duper easy nailart idea. Paint all your nails in one color except 1 nail and paint this 1 nail in different and stand-out color. I have used Orange (on 4 nails leaving index finger) and painted index finger with Yellow. On the other hand I have done opposite (4 yellow 1 orange). Mix and match to create bold looks. I call it “Hot mix”. 🙂 colors used are Maybelline colorshow “Orange Fix” & “Sweet Sunshine”.

Mix and Match & Color-blockMix and Match

Mix and Match & Color-block Nailart Mix and Match & Color-block_ Easy to do nailart

Polka dots:

As polka dots are really trending in nail arts. You can create different looks just paint your nails and add polka dots using standout complimentary color, all you need is a tooth-pick. Dip the flat part of the toothpick in nailpaint and place it on your nails. Perfect polka dots will be there 🙂 Isn’t it suoper easy nailart  and beautiful too 🙂

I’ve used Bold gold and midnight blue from Maybelline colorshow to create this.

Polka dots Polka dots and Color-block

Fix it up:

This last easy nailart I actually did it on the go. We all know how ugly a chipping red nailpaint looks 🙁 really it looks like disaster. I was heading out of home and I looked at my hands and they looked horrible in chipping bright red nailpaint. I didn’t have enough enough time to remove red nailpaint(yeah it gets messy to remove dark and bright colors from your nails) so I decided to fix it.

For this I have applied the black nailpaint in diagonal way at the parts where red nailpaint was chipping. And tada I’m good to go 😛

Easy fix, isn’t it?

Fix it up_Easy to do nailart

So these are my experiments. Do tell me your views in comment section and also share your ideas of easy to do nailarts, I would love to try them.

Have fun.. 🙂

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  1. Hello

    Very nice color combinations; especially the polka dots one.
    Waiting for some more cool ideas. 🙂

  2. Thanks Mehak 🙂 Yeah the polka one my fav too 🙂 …sure I’ll share more such experiments of mine 😛

  3. Thanks Purva.. I know, Quick fixes are awesome, ain’t they? 🙂 Share your ideas also, I would definitely love to try them out 🙂

  4. quick fix……….nice one to save time and looks trendy as well. I am gonna try it next time……….thanks

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