Real Technique Expert Face Brush Review

For Almost 2 years this and Powder brush were the only brushes I used to use and carry everywhere. Presenting review of Real Technique Expert Face Brush, is it really multi-tasking as it claims to be? well I gave it away in the very first line that IT IS. I have been using it for 4 years now and still going strong….Now read on to know for what all makeup products I use this brush.

Price & Buy Online:

Buy Online India:

I bought mine for $9 from You can also buy it from Nykaa for 799/- INR.

Buy Online Netherlands: and BoozyShop.

About Real Technique Expert Face Brush(As per Real Technique):

Our #1 best-selling brush.

Our expert face brush is ultra firm and broad for perfectly buffed foundation and an airbrushed finish.

  • The buff you need to experience
  • Ideal for cream and liquid foundations

My experience with Real Technique Expert Face Brush:

Real Technique Expert Face Brush comes in a signature hard plastic outer carton with product name and details written on it, I unfortunately threw it away and could not click pictures of it.

Real Technique Expert Face Brush is classic Real Technique Gold and black brush. The golden part is aluminium and black is matte rubber. The base of the brush is flat so you can keep the brush standing on the table as well. Brush name is written with orange on golden part of body at one side and other side the brand name is written.

Real Technique Expert Face Brush is also made of synthetic bristles like all other RT brushes. Bristles are super soft and of fine quality and did not irritate my sensitive skin. The bristles are densely packed and are cut in such a way that it give oval top shape.

Unique shape of the brush allows you to first apply foundation on face and then blend it using sweeping or circular motion whichever you like. It is perfect combination of all kind of foundation brushes.  I have washed it n number of times and not even a single bristle shed. It is easy to clean. I clean it with normal anti-bacterial hand soap or shampoo and let it dry inverted on clean face towel. It dries in 8-10 hours in natural condition.

Performance (Is it multi-tasking?):

RT expert face brush works well with cream and liquid foundations. BUT It is more than that, HOW???? I have used it for foundation, compact, blush, bronzer and contour and it works well for all these purposes… It gives more coverage when used with powder products so I use it with compact when I need more coverage or any blush which is not so pigmented. The shape of brush is so convenient for bronzing face perimeters. It even fits perfectly to hollow of my cheeks and I squeeze bristles to be more flat and do nose contour as well :D.

Final Verdict: 4.9/5

Real Technique Expert Face Brush is totally worth having it in your vanity. I used to travel with only this brush for almost 2 years. And even now if I have to travel with only one brush then this is THE ONE. I LOVE IT!!! It works for me in all ways: foundation, compact, blush, bronzer and contour. If you want coverage out of your compact or blush just use them with this brush and you are sorted. It is also easy to clean and does not shed. The only thing I found which i can ignore is that it is a bit difficult with sticky foundations.

I love this brush and I definitely recommend it. Have you used Real Technique Expert Face Brush? Share your experience or your favorite face brush in comment section below.

Till next time…take care…xoxo.

P.S. Do not buy from any random seller on Flipkart or amazon, as most of the sellers have fake RT products. I would suggest to buy it from Nykaa. still if you get a good deal then Cloudtail India and cart2India are 2 sellers at amazon with most trustworthy reviews.

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  1. I really need to get more of their brushes. I have a few eye brushes and use them daily. They are great and not too pricey.

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