O3+ Whitening Day Cream SPF 15 Review

O3+ White Day Cream

Heylo Everyone,

One thing which I’m hating these days is abundance of whitening products. Everyone is after our life to make us fair and white 😀 I do not support whitening products but they are sometimes effective at removing tan. I have received O3+ Whitening Day Cream SPF 15 samples in my envy box January 2015. I have finished the samples and here I am to share my views on it.

O3+ White Day Cream

O3+ Whitening Day Cream SPF 15 Claims:

O3+ Whitening Day Cream

Price, Quantity & Buy online in India:

775/- INR for 50ml. Buy at Amazon.


O3+ White Day Cream Ingredients

My review on O3+ Whitening Day Cream SPF 15:

O3+ Whitening Day Cream samples come in a pearly white tube with black cap on it but full size product comes in a white jar with silver lid on it. I love tube packaging as they are hygienic and travel-friendly.

O3+ Whitening Day Cream Review

O3+ Whitening Day Cream looks like pearly white whipped cream but when you apply and spread it on skin, it feel oily and leaves visible shine on face which doesn’t go away. It starts to make my combination face super oily within 2 hrs. In a little hot weather it even broke me out. You can feel the cream on your face and if you wear makeup over it, it will make your face oily even sooner.

O3+ White Day Cream Swatch

Oh did I tell you when I apply this cream my face looks like shiny red ball. Here is the proof(and the expressions and feelings are real):

O3+ White Day Cream FOTD

Final Verdict: 1/5

I have used O3+ Whitening Day Cream for 1 month as i have received 1 more sample in my fabbag as well. Based on that I would say, I hate it. Even in colder weather it made my face look like shiney ball 😀 OILY/COMBINATION SKINNED LADIES PLEASE STAY AWAY from this. I can not comment on how it would perform on dry skin. Blending it is a tough task and SPF15 is of no use. Overall except the smell and packaging I do not like anything about this.

Repurchase: Won’t even think about it.
Recommended: Strictly No for oily/combination skin. Can’t comment on dry skin.

So this is my personal experience with this cream, your experience may differ. Have you used O3+ Whitening Day Cream? how was your experience? Share your thoughts below.

Till Next Time…Take Care…xoxo.


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    1. Heheheh…i literally felt like this Everytime i have put it on and my hubby told me why you apply when you make same face Everytime 😀 so i thought why not put this FOTD as this will give my most honest feeling which may be i can’t put in words 😀 thank you :*

  1. Ah no how disappointing, thanks for your honest review. I love your blog too by the way, would love to follow each other and stay in touch.. let me know! x


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