Elois Hair Removal Cream Review


Heylo Everyone,

I’m just back from office and feeling damn tired. But as I have decided earlier in the day that I will write a post today, so here I am with review of Elois Hair Removal Cream. I do not have major body hair growth so I ususally go for waxing once every 2 months. But underarms growth can’t be ignored when you have to go for a party 🙂 So in those rare scenarios I use epilator or hair removing creams depending on my mood 😀 Read on to know whether Elois Hair Removal Cream qualifies to stay in my vanity 🙂


About Elois Hair Removal Cream:

Beauty and personality won’t get eyeballs, if you are not getting rid of unwanted hair. Elois Hair Removal Cream is a fantastic depilatory product available at your nearby cosmetic store. Available in three variants to cater wide skin types like normal, sensitive and dry. Formulated with 100 % natural extracts of Aloe vera, Papaya and Rose essence; this hair removing cream comes in an attractive pack with required accessories. Now removing hair for men and women became much easier that too in five minutes.

Sensitive Skin: With natural extract the sought after ingredient, Aloe Vera has been used to design and formulate this product for people with sensitive skin.

Dry Skin: This moisturizing formula is infused with 100% papaya extracts, antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients. It leaves the skin feeling silky and soft, making it perfect fit for dry skin.

Normal Skin: For normal skin type, Elois has used the power of rose essence. With 100% pure extracts, Elois gives moisturizing and cooling to the skin. Not only that, the fragrance of rose acts as a natural perfume for you.


Price & Quanity:

40/- INr for 25gm.

My Experience with Elois Hair Removal Cream:

Elois Hair Removal Cream comes in a tube packaging which is housed inside a carton box. A spatula is also included in the pacakging and all the necessary information is provided on the outer packaging.


Elois Hair Removal Cream has light cream like consistency and easy to spread formula. Spatula is quite nice and easy to hold, it makes the spreading job easy. I started with sensitive skin version first as i have sensitive skin. I used as advised and it removed hard hair but still I could see few arrogant ones were still left.

Elois Hair Removal Cream swatch

Next time I have used normal skin version and it removed all hair including those arrogant ones in single go. My skin felt soft afterwards and I did not feel the need to run for moisturiser.


Overall I’m impressed with the performance. Only thing intolerable is pungent smell, but cummon whom am I kidding! all hair removal creams has it.

Final Verdict: 4/5

Elois Hair Removal Cream is easy on pocket hair removal cream which does the job very well. However if you have hard hair growth I would suggest not to go for sensitive skin version. It did not irritate my sensitive skin at all and I have not faced any side effects. Overall it is decent hair cream for the price. One size packaging and pungent smell are the only flaws I find 🙂

Have you used Elois Hair Removal Cream? Share your thoughts in comment section.

Till next time…take care…xoxo.



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  1. I liked that it is good for sensitive skin, and I like hair removal through cream. This Elois hair removal cream seems to be very good, considering your grade was 4 out of 5!
    Denise recently posted…EnneagramMy Profile

  2. How often do you apply the cream in your underarm?
    I’ve bought the sensitive one and just tried it, but some hair are still not removed. So is it ok to apply the cream again until all the hairs are gone?

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