My Shopping Haul(Gifts) from Europe

Shopping Haul from Europe

Heylo ladies…
We all love gifts, don’t we? So my today’s post is about the Shopping Haul which are all the gifts I have received from my Beau’s trip to Europe. He was on official trip and since I taunted him that he didn’t get me anything related to beauty from his past trips, this time he managed to do a small Shopping Haul and got me some stuff (actually lot more than I expected :P) …

This is all I have got..

Shopping Haul from Europe

Yayyy… I am super happy..

He has managed to get me almost all types of products..he has got me 3 hair care product: John Frieda blow dry balm, Syoss Holding spray and Syoss Shampoo. John Frieda is one of my favorite brands and I love its anti-frizz collection so I’m excited to try this product.

Haircare Products Haul

Syoss is professional haircare brand and both the products seems to be good and the quantity is 500ml for both so it will last me long.. I’ll share my reviews once I’m satisfied with the amount of time I’ve used it.

Next given my eyeliner craze which he knows really well, he got me 2 liners, one black liquid and one muddy brown pencil liner, both from Maybelline. As I absolutely adore Maybelline products, I’m hoping I won’t be disappointed.

Eyeliner Haul

Next he got me 3 mascaras 2 by p2 cosmatics and 1 by Astor…2 black and one blue..yayyyyy.. I wanted blue mascara (he didn’t know that but he knows about my eye makeup love)…and about 2 black mascaras both are from different brands and one is clump-free and other is volumizing and I’m excited to try them out.

Mascaras Shopping haul

Next category is nailpaints 😀 he got me 3 gorgeous colors and one 3d sparkle top coat. That sunny yellow is scented nailpaint 😛 super excited to try it on.

Nailpaints Haul

And last but not the least an envelope clutch from Atmosphere 😀 this one I chose on whatsapp but he already bought it before my approval (I’m glad he knows my choice :P) .

Envelop Clutch

So this was my gift hamper from Europe 😀 I’m so happy I can’t express…

So did you like my gift haul ? Do not forget to drop your comments..also let me know in comment section if you want review on any particular product… till then take care..xoxo

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