Faces Canada Long wear eye pencil Navy Blue Review, Swatches and peacock EOTD


Faces Canada Long wear eye pencil Navy Blue Review, Swatches and peacock EOTD


Heylo ladies,

Given my eyeliner love and after seeing my eyeliner collection here it’s apparent that I have my views on lots of eye-pencils and eyeliners 🙂 So I thought better I should start sharing them 😛

Today’s review is Faces Canada Long wear eye pencil Navy Blue from brand Faces Canada which I personally trust for their eye-pencils liners 🙂 they have the blackest black and loveliest colors and that too budget-friendly 😀 my first purchase from this brand was Long wear eye pencil in Black Sparkle since then I always have one in stock 😛 now this Navy blue pencil.



Lately I’m loving colored liners and pencils a lot. I have used black kajal from the same range and I was impressed with the staying power so I have decided to give this pencil a try.

Read on my experience about it.

1. Packaging: Simple matte-black sharpening pencil liner with colored end and cap in exact same color as the liner which makes it easy to find from the lot 🙂



Though sharpening wastes product which I don’t like but on the other hand it’s more hygienic and creates beautiful precise line.



2. Shade & Texture: Faces Canada Long wear eye pencil Navy Blue is very pretty satiny navy blue. Shade name is engraved on body of pencil. Texture is very soft, it glides easily without any tugging or pulling.



shade name


3. Pigmentation: Pigmentation of Faces Canada Long wear eye pencil Navy Blue is good and buildable. Not opaque in 1 swipe but 2-3 swipes are enough to make it opaque and beautiful blue 😀

pigmentation swatch


Though this particular color when used on waterline doesn’t give opaque finish and I recommend using 2nd coat after the 1st coat is set which is about 1 min at max after applying first coat. In 2-3 coats it shows beautifully on waterline too.


4. Staying Power: It takes about 1 min for this liner/kajal to set and once set it doesn’t budge 🙂 and doesn’t smudge for hours. See the pics with time reference.

staying power Comparison closeup


After almost 9 hrs later I took the second pic in which it is a little patchy on waterline when observe very carefully but if you look from a little far it looks perfect as fresh. I have attached pictures for comparison. on lashline it stays put and doesn’t transfer.

staying power Comparison far


5. Price & Shelf life: 349/- INR for 1.2 gm. 2 years 6 months shelf-life.

shelf life


What I like:

  • Very beautiful navy blue color.
  • I use it on my waterline and it doesn’t irritate my eyes at all.
  • Affordable and easily available now.
  • Awesome staying power.
  • Color coded packaging.

What I don’t like:

  • Not opaque in one swipe (but I don’t mind much as the color is so pretty).

Final Verdict: 4.8/5 (for me 5/5 :D)

Despite the not-single-swipe-finish I absolutely love this pencil and have purchased almost all colors from this range. This Navy blue is my favourite and I have one extra pencil in stock of this shade 🙂 I can’t get enough of this color.

And here is one more EOTD  which I call “Peacock eyes” with FOTD 🙂



Morning photo:

me at morning 9.30


Evening photo:

Me at eve 6.30


P.S. On my upper lashline is Boujois Kohl and contour eyeliner pencil.

How do you find my peacock eyeliner look?

See the pictures and tell me don’t you love this pretty blue on my waterline? Leave your comments in comment section below.

Would love to hear from you guys… take care..xoxo

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    1. yeah sharpening is a pain but the colors from this range are a treat and sharpening helps in precision for winged liner 🙂 so i’m in love-hate relationship with sharpenable liners 😛

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