My August 2014 Fabbag


MY August 2014 Fabbag

Hello lovelies,

How was your weekend? I had to do office on Saturday πŸ™ and Sunday I went for market exploring for my wedding shopping πŸ˜€ So I’m really tired right now and my legs are hurting like anything πŸ™

I have received my august fabbag o 26-august but I haven’tΒ got time to click pictures as I had quite busy schedule for past 2 weeks. Finally I have decided that today I will share what all I have received in my August fabbag (Checkout Fabbag site here).

My August Fabbag


First of all I’m in love with this month’s bag it is beautiful orange snakeskin-textured bag with a silver plate in center having Fabbag written on it. It is classy and chic and at the same time super-sexy πŸ™‚ It goes directly to my trousseau πŸ˜€

Here is a list of products I have received in my August fabbag…

My August Fabbag-product cards


Kronokare caribbean ginger shower gel & lotion:

The theme of this month is all natural so products are herbal and natural. Kronokare is a brand I have never heard of but I’m excited to try these out as these are natural and aromatherapy products. Sample size is also decent and would last for 1 week πŸ™‚

My August Fabbag-Kronokare products


Nysaa Hand cream-moroccan rose:

I love hand creams and I wanted to try Nysaa brand as people are talking about it a lot these days and here is goodie from fabbag. It smells heaven and I’m excited to try it. It straightly goes to my handbag.

My August Fabbag- Nysaa Hand cream


Palladio Bechic Lipstick- Merlot:

I have received palladio eyeshadow quad in my july fabbag (Check here) and it is super pretty. This month I have received a lipstick in shade merlot from same brand. I’m gonna try it and the color is very pretty and I didn’t have this color in my stash yet so thank you fabbag :*

My August Fabbag- Palladio Lipstick


Nyx Eye/Eyebrow Pencil- blue noi:

This is a bonus product. I love this extra goodie thing that fabbag have started. So every month we get a bonus product now. This sayas eye/eyebrow pencil but blue is a little off color to use on brows πŸ˜› But I love blue eye-pencils and I wanted to try NYX for so long but couldn’t get my hands on it. So thank you fabbag for my first NYX product :*

My August Fabbag-NYX eye pencil


This month also I’m happy with my bag and excited to try all the products and I’m super happy for my first NYX product. one look at all products:

My August Fabbag- products


What did you get in your fabbag? Drop your comments in comment section. Love you all..xoxo


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