Flormar Loose Powder Review

Heylo Everyone, This was one of my first official Loose powder otherwise I always used Jhonson’s baby Powder as loose powder. This Flormar Loose Powder came as a part of my fabbag and I have used it and finished it and now the container is reused filled with jhonson’s baby powder again 😀 Let’s read on to know my views on Flormar Loose Powder.

Price, quantiy & Buy online:

1200/- INR for 18gm. Now that is the tricky part. It is very hard to find in india. However you can find the store list across the world here.

About Flormar Loose Powder:

Developed by Flormar to create a soft touch and a flawless look, Loose Powder retains the moisture in the skin while keeping the make-up fresh for longer. It also protects your skin from the harmful UV rays. Available in 5 shades.


My Experience with Flormar Loose Powder:

Flormar Loose Powder is packaged in a transparent tub container with a black lid. When you open lid you see a white powder puff sitting on top of a sieved separater lid which is covered with a sticky plastic which you have to peel off to expose the holes in the lid. Overall like most of the loose powder packaging. The puff that comes with it is not soft and feels harsh and scratchy on facial skin, so i stay clear of it. However if you remove the whole sheet and puff from packaging then it can get messy if you travel with it. So i keep the puff inside it to prevent the powder from moving all over the place.

Flormar Loose Powder has 5 shades in range. I have 02 beige classic which is for light skin tone, I think it is a good match and doesn’t look ashy on me.

I use Flormar Loose Powder with big powder brush and it sets makeup perfectly for good 3-4 hours in hot weather but then i need to touch up on oily areas of my normal to combination skin. Whereas my jhonson’s baby powder stays put for good 5-6 hours.

Final Verdict: 3/5

I feel Flormar Loose Powder is too pricey and availability is very poor. Also the staying power is pretty average and even many compacts perform better than this. Puff which comes in packaging feels scratchy on face. I feel jhonson’s baby powder is way better at cheaper price. Also I see MICA in starting in ingredient list. This is not extremely finely milled and you feel like you are applying talc. Not my cup of tea.

Have you used Flormar Loose Powder? share your thoughts in comment section below.

Till next time…take care…xoxo.

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