Daffini Hand & Body Lotion Cocoa Fragrance Review

walking down the aisles of supermarket, seeing great deal on great smelling body lotion, never eard about the brand still you decide to pick it up!!! sounds familiar!!! …Today’s review is of a similar category product. I got Daffini Hand & Body Lotion Cocoa Fragrance along with bio care products, it was 3 for 499/- kinda deal. Keep reading to know how the deal turned out for me.

About Daffini Hand & Body Lotion Cocoa Fragrance & Ingredients:

My Experience with Daffini Hand & Body Lotion Cocoa Fragrance:

Daffini Hand & Body Lotion Cocoa Fragrance comes in a off-white opaque 400ml bottle with cocoa color cap on it. Cap is flip open as well as screw open. The packaging is bulky also you do not know how much is left in there.

The texture of Daffini Hand & Body Lotion Cocoa Fragrance is quite creamy and consistency is in-between lotion and body cream. IT gets absorbed quickly and skin feel quite moisturized after application.

The lotion is extra hydrating and might feel a bit heavy for hotter months for nomal and oily skin. However dry skinned beauties will love it throughout the year. Daffini Hand & Body Lotion Cocoa Fragrance has delicious cocoa fragrance but not very strong, which lingers for about half an hour. In winter season I felt like reaching for it to reapply at the end of the day to my exposed hands.

Final Verdict: 3.5/5

Daffini Hand & Body Lotion Cocoa Fragrance is a decent moisturizing body lotion which reminded me a lot of Vaseline Cocoa Variant. It came in reasonable price and lasted quite long but in winters it was not enough for my skin and i needed to reapply to my exposed hands. I think I will not repurchase it and will still prefer Vaseline cocoa variant over this.

Which one is your favorite body lotion at the moment? Share your thoughts in comment section below.

Till Next Time…take care…xoxo.

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  1. Any thing with cocoa fragrance has my heart! At present I am enjoying the Palmer’s cocoa body lotion. It legit smells heaven and is very hydrating.. Nicely reviewed babes..

    1. Yeah me too…o bought it form local store, they keep some of the importtedatuff…this seemed like dubai or turkish import…

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