Eyeliner EOTD and My Bare-it-all-face FOTD


Eyeliner EOTD and My Bare-it-all-face FOTD

Holaaa Pretty Ladies,

If you have been reading my posts for some time now then you must be knowing how crazy I am for eyeliner 😀 I talk about them and my craze almost in every post 😛 I love eyeliners and all colors in them and I keep on experimenting with eyeliner almost everyday so one of my friend suggested why not I start posting my EOTD’s I thought it is a good idea but only problem is I won’t be able to post it everyday but whenever I’ll get a chance and I feel that this is something creative and worth sharing, I’ll share my EOTD’s.

Here is my EOTD…

EOTD Black and Green Eyeliner

I’m not wearing mascara on lashes as I want the liner to stand out. Her is closer look of eyeliner..

EOTD Closer Look



Other half of the title “Bare-it-all-face” came in mind as many people ask me in office sometimes that what I’m wearing on my face as I’m looking extra fair that particular day or something like that and usually it happens that on that particular day I am usually not wearing anything other than moisturizer and little Johnson baby powder on my face, not even BB cream 😛 Funny I know… I don’t if there’s something wrong with me 😀 My skin behaves weirdly sometimes when it comes to skin color.

I usually don’t wear makeup on everyday basis, sometimes I use BB cream, once in a while foundation(I have recently purchased my first foundation, so you can guess) but most of the days I just wear my moisturiser with SPF in it and set my face with johnson’s baby powder or Maybelline compact(Reviewed here). So I have decided to share my bare face without any face makeup just the moisturiser on my face (I already applied eyeliner that time so didn’t wanted to wipe it off when the idea of sharing my bare-face came in mind, may be next time).



I luckily don’t have dark-circles under my eyes but I have few freckles on my nose and at the end of apple of my cheeks… you can see difference of lighting as it was little cloudy here today 🙂



Enjoy the pictures..





And here is one pic after I have applied powder and my Revlon lip crayon(Shade reviewed here)..

Final Look


Did I bore you? 🙁 Do let me know how you find my EOTD? And do you want me to share such looks?

Do not forget to drop you comments in comment section..take care…xoxo

P.S. I have clicked all the photos from my phone and these are without any filter or editing

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  1. You have such a clean skin.. I have much pigmentation around my mouth, for which I haven’t yet found the perfect cover up. Lucky you.. Can go bare face and still look gorgeous!!
    BTW, nice EOTD, the color suits you very much..

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