Avon Little Black Dress Skin Softener Review

Do you also get bored of using same bodylotion or is it just me ? :/ I love switching body lotions and I keep trying various brands. My all time favorites are vaseline and The body shop ones but I keep trying other brands in between 🙂 So here I am with review of Avon Little Black Dress Skin Softener.

Price, Quantity and Buy Online:

399/- INR for 200ml and 249/- INR (Available at discounts from Avon represntatives. I bought it for 150/-).

Buy online at Amazon, nykaa,

About Avon Little Black Dress Skin Softener:

An Oriental/Floral scented body lotion that matches the Little Black Dress fragrance.

• Mild and gentle
• Lightweight
• Absorbs quickly
• Moisturizes skin
• Leaves skin lightly fragranced
• Non-sticky and non-greasy
• Suitable for use on hands

• Smooth generously all over body wherever needed.


My Experience with Avon Little Black Dress Skin Softener:


Avon Little Black Dress Skin Softener comes in a black tube with screw open cap. I am not a fan of packaging. I would have preferred flip open cap. The packaging is black white and gold in sync with rest of the products from “Little Black Dress” Range.

Texture and Consistency:

Texture of Avon Little Black Dress Skin Softener is  creamy or i would call it greasy and consistency is somewhere between bodylotion and bod cream. It spreads easily but takes a bit more than usual time to get absorbed into skin.


Scent of Avon Little Black Dress Skin Softener is like a perfume with musk notes in it. Its purpose is to prolong staying power of fragrance from the same range. But I find the fragrance of body softener stringer than perfume and deo from same range 😛 .


Avon Little Black Dress Skin Softener despite being thick in consistency fails to serve the purpose of providing hydration to body. It feel like it sitrs on top of skin and when you sweat or get drenched you can feel it greasing up on skin…which i hate.. coming to staying power and keeping body moisturized, it keeps my normal skin moisturized fro 5-6 hours after which i can feel moisture level dropping and by the night i feel my skin dry. Which is a fail

Final Verdict: 2/5

Avon Little Black Dress Skin Softener failed to impress me in all departments. It is strongly perfumed(do not foget all the heavy chemicals), takes ages to get absorbed, when your skin get wet you can feel it on top of skin AND it keeps my normal skin moisturized or so called for max 10 hours AND it doesn’t come cheap always. If you can live up all this then buy it. For my side a big NOT RECOMMENDED and NOT REPURCHASE. I can not use this in winter and nether in summers.

Have you used Avon Little Black Dress Skin Softener? is your experience different than mine? share in comment section below.

Till next time…take care…xoxo.

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