Chambor Dazzle Transferproof Smooth Eye Pencil : Review & Swatches

I’m finally out of my birthday mode and back with another review. I have a birthday tradition that every birthday I gift myself something special, something that is in my wishlist and I will not purchase because it is costly :D. So on birthday I treat myself with it :). Why I’m telling you this is because today I am reviewing Chambor Dazzle Transferproof Smooth Eye Pencils, which was my birthday gift to myself a few years back and technically first ever liners which I purchased above 300/-INR. I purchased 2 of these from chambor counter and then purchased one later online.

Price, Quanity & Buy Online:

645/- INR (WOW they really did increase the price a lot. I bought my first 2 for 449/- INR each and then later 350/- Online on sale).

Available online at Amazon, Flipkart. Also available at Chambor counters.

About Chambor Dazzle Transferproof Smooth Eye Pencils:

Draw clean smooth lines to create the cat eyes you always wanted. Use as a liner only.

  • Extremely soft formula glides on effortlessly. High coverage, last all day.
  • Smudge proof , water proof.
  • Ophthamologist tested.
  • One way twist up mechanism.
  • Keep cap tightly close after use.

My Experience with Chambor Dazzle Transferproof Smooth Eye Pencil:

I have 3 shades of Chambor Dazzle Transferproof Smooth Eye Pencil 104 Teal Dazzle, 105 Purple Dazzle & 106 Grey Dazzle. Lets see in detail what i love and hate about it.


The packaging of Chambor Dazzle Transferproof Smooth Eye Pencils is color coded and it has pearly white floral print at cap. It looks beautiful. BUT it is only twist-up pencil and not retractable, which means that product will not retract back once it is twisted up. So you can never know how much liner is left until you finish it.


104 Teal Dazzle: It is a beautiful teal turquoise color with satin finish to it. It is very pretty shade and my ultimate favorite.

105 Purple Dazzle: This is a beautiful deep purple with micro shimmers in it.

106 Grey Dazzle: This is a blackened grey shade with quite a lot of shimmer in it which can feel slightly gritty if applied on waterline. This is one of the most favorite grey liners I own, the shade is Grey done perfectly.

Texture & Pigmentation:

Ohhhh the texture is super smooth buttery soft, it glides without any tug or pull. I fell in love with the texture the moment I swatched it. The texture is however is quite similar to Lakme Absolute Forever Silk Range. Pigmentation is bang on and you get opaque finish in single swipe.

Performance & Staying Power:

Chambor Dazzle Transferproof Smooth Eye Pencils are advised to apply only as liner and I stick to it. However I do apply teal dazzle on waterline as this does not have any shimmers and it does not irritate my eyes. I have tried using Purple Dazzle and Grey Dazzle too on my waterline and certainly they both started to irritate my eyes after some time due to Shimmers. If you have sensitive eyes or you are lens wearer, please stick to use it as liner only also the brand has also suggested to use it only as a liner.

Staying power of Chambor Dazzle Transferproof Smooth Eye Pencils is quite impressive. These set quickly and does not smudge or smear or transfer on lids whatsoever. They stay put whole day until you remove it. Even if I rub my eyes slightly, these pencils refuse to budge.

Chambor Dazzle Transferproof Smooth Eye Pencil Swatches:

104 Teal Dazzle:

105 Purple Dazzle:

106 Grey Dazzle:

Final Verdict: 4.5/5

Chambor Dazzle Transferproof Smooth Eye Pencils are one of the smoothest and soft eye pencils I have used. These are strictly advised to use as a liner only by brand itself. The staying power is pretty impressive. However I do not like only twist-up mechanism also HEFTY PRICE( really they need to slow down on price department). The heavy price tag for such less quantity really makes it disqualify my “Must-have” criteria. If you want something similar for lesser price get Lakme absolute forever silk Eyeliners(check review of blue and black) or Faces long wear kajal pencils(Check review of blue) which can be used on waterline as well. Not a repurchase until I get atleast 30-40% off :(.

Have you used Chambor Dazzle Transferproof Smooth Eye Pencils? Which one is your favborite kajal/liner pencil? share your thoughts in comment section below.

Till next time…take care…xoxo.

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  1. What a wonderful product review. I love to use these kinds of pencils but I hate it when they smudge especially since the color tends to go under my eye. So I am really delighted that you shared this wonderful product today. Your eyes look beautiful in the teal and purple!

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