#7DayGarnierChallenge : Garnier White Complete Speed White Range Fairness Facewash & Multi-action Fairness Cream Review & Swatches


#7DayGarnierChallenge : Garnier White Complete Speed White Range Fairness Facewash & Multi-action Fairness Cream Review & Swatches

Heylo Ladies,

Fairness Claims is something I don’t believe in, I believe that products with such claim only brings your original color out which was dulled due to tanning and impurities. So when Garnier team approached me to take up #7DayGarnierChallenge using their new formula speed white range , I agreed to take up the challange to see what does this duo does. Does this Garnier white complete fairness facewash and multi-action fairness cream duo fulfills the claim of one-tone light skin from the first use? Lets find out.

#7DayGarnierChallenge  Garnier White Complete facewash-cream

I have been using this duo for past 8 days and I’m here with the verdict of #7DayGarnierChallenge.

Garnier White Complete Fairness Facewash:

Garnier White Complete Fairness Facewash Review_Speed White Range

Product Claim and description:(From Garnier India site)

How to get one tone fairer in one wash:
Exposure to sun, pollution and harsh environmental conditions makes skin appear dull & dark.

Garnier White Complete Fairness Face wash is an effective daily face wash that helps you discover clear, radiant, and even complexion.

You get one tone fairer in one wash!

Garnier White Complete Fairness Facewash

Price, Quantity & Shelf-life:

78/- INR for 50gm.
145/- INR for 100gm.

Shelf-life of 36 months.

My Experience with Garnier White Complete Fairness Facewash:

Packaging: Sturdy white tube with Lemon splash print over it. Flip-open cap. Travel friendly and I like it.

Garnier White Complete Fairness Facewash Speed White Range

Texture: Like whipped cream. Formula Spreads easily.


I need pea-sized amount for my face and neck. It lathers fairly well(Not as much as pond’s facewashs do) and has fresh citrus scent. They have mentioned in their claim that your skin becomes dull and dark due to harsh environmental condition, sun and pollution, So basically they are claiming to make that dark and dull skin brighter and not otherwise whitening. From the first wash skin looks clear and radiant but definitely not one tone fair(It is just a clean face which looks instantly brighter).

In seven days I have noticed that my tanned area on neck  has become more brighter and almost matching my actual skin tone and definitely skin is more even tone now. But it has not worked on lightening my acne marks or freckles.

Garnier White Complete Fairness Facewash Swatch

I have combination to oily sensitive skin and this facewash did not break me out. It control oil on my skin for a fair amount of time and I don’t get stretchy feeling post wash. If you remove makeup using oil like me, make sure you wipe-off oil from your face completely as this facewash won’t be able to remove oil completely in one wash. This is first cream based facewash which I’m liking so much.

Does not contain SLS but contains parabeans.

Overall a good facewash which will help you get bright, radiant and even tone skin with regular use, though one use fairness claim is false. I recommend it for oily/combination skinned ladies, dry skinned ladies will need to follow this up with good moisturizer. I’m gonna repurchase.

Garnier White Complete Multi Action Fairness Cream:

Garnier White Complete Multi-action Fairness Cream Review

Product Description and Claims:(From Garnier’s Site)

Get 3 tones fairer skin, in just 7 days.

Enriched with natural ingredients, this formula provides instant whitening and long lasting fairness. Your skin looks even, feels fresh and moisturized with a natural glow.

Multi Action fairness cream for glowing skin :

1.Instant Whitening – provides instant whitening
2.Sun Protection with SPF 19 PA+++ – Protects skin from further darkening by harmful UVA and UVB sun rays
3.Long Lasting Fairness – Fairer skin over time with regular usage.
Dermatologically tested – suitable for all skin types.
Garnier White Complete Multi-action Fairness Cream

Price, Quantity & Shelf-life:

85/- INR for 18gm.
160/- INR for 40gm.

Shelf-life of 36 months.

Garnier White Complete Multi-action Fairness Cream Price

My Experience with Garnier White Complete Multi action Fairness Cream:

Packaging: Sturdy, light-weight plastic tub which didn’t break even after I clumsyly dropped it 2-3 times 😛 Travel-friendly. Tube packaging could have been better. Anyways I like it.

Garnier White Complete Multi-action Fairness Cream_Speed White

Texture: Whipped cream like, light-weight, spreads easily and gets absorbed easily.

Garnier White Complete Multi-action Fairness Cream Swatch

The cream has fresh mild citrus scent which i personally like.Since the texture is whipped cream like and light weight, it gets absorbed easily and gives matte finish which oily and combination skinned ladies will like. Matte finish stays for 1-2 hours on my face in this monsoon then it becomes dewy. If set with powder, matte finish stays for longer. Though if you use even a slight extra amount then you might turn up with oil on your face in 1 hour. It did not break me out. Keep it away from eye area otherwise you’ll end up with watery eyes.
When I apply it, skin feels instantly brighter and even-toned without any white cast and I just use my compact over it and I’m done.

With continuous usage after 7 days, my skin is more even-toned and less tanned but I don’t vouch for fairness claim.
Good day cream with SPF 19 PA+++ which is great for rainy days. Good for oily/combination skinned people but extremely dry skinned beauties should stay away. 3-tone fair skin in 7 days is not true for me but definitely a brighter even toned skin is. It doesn’t leave white cast so everyone can use it. you can give it a try.

Here is my fotd with Garnier white complete multiaction fairness cream set with compact.

#7DayGarnierChallenge Garnier White Complete_FOTD

Overall Verdict: 4.5/5

Duo is more effective when used together. Recommended for oily/combination skinned people. Not recommended for people with extremely dry/dry skin.

You can claim your free sample of Garnier white complete multiaction fairness cream here and take #7DayGarnierChallenge.
All you have to do is:
1. go to http://7daygarnierchallenge.com/.
2. Fill the form and fill my blog’s name in last question.
3. After you receive your free sample, post a review here in comments/facebook/instagram/twitter and tag me and Granier India and use hashtag #7DayGarnierChallenge.

At the end of the contest you will have a chance to win a Gift hamper from Garnier India.

What do you think about this duo? Did it work for you? Share your thoughts below in comments section.
Till next time…take care…xoxo.

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  1. Hi..I’ve been using garnier whitening cream for almost 7 years since the 1st time I saw it on advertisement and it really worked on me that’s why I’m really committed on this product until now.. Nice review..

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