12 Must Have Makeup Essentials That Will Make You Look Gorgeous


12 Must Have Makeup Essentials That Will Make You Look Gorgeous

Every girl wants to look beautiful and gorgeous. They hunt for all those makeup products and are even ready to spend any amount of money for getting the best and premium brands as well. Doing the right makeup is a skill or rather it is an art. It is never remains static like fashion and keeps on changing accordingly. A true makeup artist keeps a track on all the latest updates on the current trends when it comes to products, colors, shades, mixing, and even looks.

It is a fact that a common person becomes aware of all these latest trends in makeup by looking at celebrities who are rather regarded as the pageants or the icons for the same. We look upon them to know or adapt what they wear, how they have done their makeup, what accessories they have used, what kind of sandals they have worn and what not! We try to reinvent what we have seen and have caught in our eyes. It might not suit us but still we try implementing all those on us.

So, if you are very much fond of doing makeup and you are pretty not sure what are the products to be included in your makeup kit, here are 12 must have makeup essentials that will make you look gorgeous…

1. BB Cream or Moisturiser:

BB Cream or an oil-free moisturiser is the first makeup essential that you should have in your makeup kit. Nourish your skin with the right cream that also gives you sun-screen protection. It can help your skin get moisturised as well as protects you from the harmful UV rays. Use only branded products when it comes to anything related to your face as any allergy can ruin your beauty.


Buy branded BB creams from Nykaa, a popular online store that sells branded makeup products. Check for Nykaa Offers to get your moisturiser or BB cream at the lowest price compared to offline stores.

2. Foundation:

Foundation is the base for any makeup. Choose the right shade for your skin. If you are not pretty sure about the right one, you might ask any professional for help. They can guide you. Make sure that you prefer an oil free foundation. You get the stick as well. It is better to apply them on your face using your fingers rather than using a sponge.


3. Concealer:

Concealer is yet another most important makeup essential. Use it to hide your dark circles around the eyes, the uneven skin tone and if there are any marks from any injury and even pimple marks. It makes your skin looks flawless with an even tone.


4. Brushes:

Make sure that your makeup kit is not deprived of brushes, which helps you in applying your makeup more evenly and precisely each time. It will help the makeup to last really long. A perfect result is ensured if you do your makeup with brushes.

makeup brushes

5. Eye Liner/Kajal:

Eye liner makes your eyes more beautiful by highlighting them. Draw the liner perfectly. It will be great if you use the smudge free kajal from Colossal to beautify your eyes. Draw your eyes both inward and outward to enhance them more beautifully.


6. Eye Shadow:

Eye shadows are available in various shades in the form of glitter as well as in powder form. Make your choice according to the occasion. It enhances the beauty of your eyes and it would be even greater if you sync it with the color of the outfit you wear.


7. Mascara:

Mascara is essential for building and defining the beauty of your eyes. It highlights your eyelashes, making your eyes look bigger and more beautiful.

Buy amazing Mascara from popular brands at affordable rates from Fashionara, a one stop destination for all your makeup and fashion needs. Use Snapdeal offers to buy them cheaper.


8. Face Powder:

Face Powder too holds a major place in your makeup kit. It helps you to set your foundation and gives a finished look, making your skin look flawless and sets an even tone throughout the face and neck. Buy branded Face Powder at affordable prices online. Look at eBay, an online store where you get products for much discounted price. eBay Deals and offers can get your products from the store at amazing discounts.

face powder

9. Eyelash Curler:

Eyelash curler helps to curl your eyelashes and makes it look more beautiful. Usually only the upper eyelashes are curled. It gives you lengthy eyelashes, gives more shape to your eyes and it easily comes within your budget.

eyelash curler

10. Natural Blush:

Blush is usually applied to highlight your cheeks so as to give a younger look and also to emphasize the cheekbones. It will be more appealing if you prefer to use natural blush as it will be more appealing as well.

Maybelline Cheeky Glow Fresh Coral Packaging

11. Lip Liner:

Lip Liner is used to shape your lips, to highlight it and to define it, making it look more attractive. Always use the shade darker to your lipstick, so that the lips are also enhanced and it looks more attractive.


12. Lip Stick And Lipgloss:

Lipstick and lipgloss are also the must have makeup essentials in your makeup kit. Lipstick lasts for a longer time while the gloss fades off after sometime. You need to apply the gloss at regular intervals to maintain the look. Lipstick gives a wider coverage and look than the lipgloss.


These are the basic and the 12 must have makeup essentials that will make you look gorgeous. Make sure that all these products are ensembled in your makeup kit always. Also ensure that every product that you use suits your skin and the season. It is always good to use branded products as they will not cause any allergy as they are dermatologically tested and will be safe on all skin types. So, all the ladies out there! Look more beautiful and gorgeous…


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