The Body Shop Drops Of Youth Youth Cream Review

Heylo everyone!! as you enter in your late 20’s, your skin starts to change in texture, elasticity, tendency(oily, normal, combination or dry) etc. And that is the time you should pay attention to these changes and change your skincare routine accordingly. Different cities, weathers, eating habits also takes toll on your skin. In recent years I have hopped to different cities, different weather conditions and food habits and that did reflect on my skin. I do follow my CTM(Cleansing, Toning, Moisturizing) routine always but still my skin felt dehydrated and had dry patches (usually I have very sensitive normal to combination skin which tends to get slightly dry in winters). So I have decided to cater to this specific concern. I have received TBS Drops of Youth Concentrate sample in my fabbag and loved it to core so I have decided to buy full size along with along with The Body Shop Drops Of Youth Youth Cream. Read on to know how effective it turned out.

Price, Quantity & Where to buy:

India: Rs 1995/- for 50ml. Buy at TBS stores and online at TBS official Site,, Nykaa.

Netherlands: € 25.00 for 50ml. Buy at TBS stopres or online at TBS official Site.

About The Body Shop Drops Of Youth Youth Cream:


My Experience with The Body Shop Drops Of Youth Youth Cream:


The Body Shop Drops Of Youth Youth Cream comes in a white outer carton with flower and leave print at top. The ingredients are also listed on outer packaging. Product is housed in a green colored glass tub/jar with matte black plastic cap. The packaging is bulky for travel and i usually transfer a little in travel size jars. Overall sturdy packaging which will not break even if you drop it accidentally.

Texture & Fragrance:

texture of The Body Shop Drops Of Youth Youth Cream is whipped mousse like. It is very lightweight and gets absorbed quickly into skin without leaving any residue behind. It smells fresh plant cell like(if that makes any sense).


I use it as both day and night cream. After applying The Body Shop Drops Of Youth Youth Cream the skin feels smoother, softer and plumper immediately. It feels like your skin has absorbed the moisture really well. It also works as great base for makeup to go on. Foundation/bb/cc creams go smoother on top of this as if primer is there. When i use it at night, in morning i wake up with really well soft hydrated plumper skin. It seems to reduce appearance of fine lines as well, though for any drastic change you will have to keep using it for longer time. It definitely healed my skin dehydration and made it more plump. Actual condition of skin is improved, even after I have finished this cream, I could see my skin was still hydrated and healthy, so it is not a temporary effect.

I contains dimethicone, parfume and alcohol as ingredients which is a bit disappointing to be honest but still it did not irritate my sensitive skin. But still i would recommend to try sample if you are sensitive to any such ingredients. I would like to add that this might not be moisturizing enough for verydry skin and might feel a bit heavy on very oily skin.

Final Verdict: 4.9/5

The Body Shop Drops Of Youth Youth Cream is really good moisturizer for slightly dry/Normal/Combination skin. It is very effective on dehydrated skin and dry patches. This is a really good day and night cream. My skin loves it. It works even better if you use it in combination with The Body Shop Drops of Youth Concentrate. It is pricey and that is the only point I deducted. Recommended and repurchase for sure.

The Body Shop bodycare and skincare ranges have really good reviews but price point is always high but if you buy in sale, they are a steal. I already love TBS bodycare range so I have decided to try skincare and now I’m in love. Make sure you stock your favorites in sale :).

Have you used The Body Shop Drops Of Youth Youth Cream? Share your thoughts in comment section below…

Till next time…take care…xoxo.

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    1. Yes megha, it will suit acne prone combi skin as well because it did not irritate occasional breakouts on my sensitive skin…

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