Secret to fuss-free Hair detangling – Tangle Teezer Elite: Review & Price in India


Heylo Everyone,

“I wish my hair detangle within a minute and without any hair breakage!!!”…sounds familiar thought? Well I think every girl wishes to have breakage free hair detangling and here I am about to share my secret weapon(Not so secret :D) to change your hair detangling game totally. Presenting Tangle Teezer Salon Elite Detangling Hair Brush(Let’s call it only Tangle Teezer Elite). Quite dramatic introduction eh! 😛

Tangle Teezer Elite Packaging

Brain behind Tangle Teezer Elite:

Tangle Teezer Elite Description

Tangle Teezer Elite Price in India/ Buy online:

1199/-INR(costly I know). Keep an eye on major online discounts at Various sites like Amazon/Nykaa/Purplle/Flipkart and you might get a great deal like I did 35% off 🙂

Tangle Teezer Elite Price in India

My Experience with Tangle Teezer Elite:

I have Tangle Teezer Elite in color Dolly Pink, they have 5 color options to choose from and all of them are so eye catching, I had a Hard Time deciding which color I wanted to buy.

Tangle Teezer Elite

The Brush comes packaged in a transparent sturdy outer case which can be reused in case you wish to travel with this hairbrush which you will once you will use it…trust me 😉 this case has paper pamphlet inside with GB flag and product description on it.

Tangle Teezer Elite How to Use

Tangle Teezer Elite Review

The brush is very easy to grab on to due to its shape. It fits perfectly in your hand. The brush has revolutionary dual sized bristles, one row of larger bristles and second row of smaller bristles which lies in the empty space between larger bristles and due to these bristles detangling becomes easy.

Tangle Teezer Elite Bristles

Tangle Teezer Elite detangles my straight/slight wavy waist length hair in 2-3 minutes, which is really great. I do not see any hair breakage just 2-3 hair in my brush after all the detangling. Tangle Teezer Elite can be used on both wet & dry hair and I have tried it both ways. It tames the flyaways/frizz to an extent and hair looks smooth and sleek after detangling. See my before after:

Tangle Teezer Elite Before-after

Tangle Teezer Elite After use Hair Fall

Combing wet/towel dried hair is not suggested as it can lead to easy hair breakage/hair fall due to mist hair & scalp. Since Tangle Teezer Elite claims that it can be used on wet hair as well, I tried it on my towel dried hair and I found my hair dried to much smoother look with lesser flyaways and frizz.

Tangle Teezer Elite Details

For cleaning Tangle Teezer Elite, I soak it in diluted shampoo water and then clean it with discarded toothbrush.

Do Check out my video review and demo of how to use Tangle Teezer Elite:

What I like:

  • Detangling hair is no more a pain/task.
  • Minimizes hair breakge.
  • Tames flyaways and frizz.
  • Massages/Stimulates scalp.
  • minimizes hair fall due to hair breakage.
  • Can be used on wet hair as well.

What I do not like:

  • Can’t be used with heat(I do not mind as I don’t do much heat treatment on my hair).
  • Cleaning this might be a little hustle.

Final Verdict: 4.8/5

Tangle Teezer Elite is one brush which has changed my perspective about hair brushes. I used to think why would someone buy such a costly hair brush but I know why after using it. I love it a lot and use it whenever I wanna use hair brush 🙂 I say make this investment for the love of hair 🙂

Recommended: Absolutely Yes.

Repurchse: Yes If it ever wears out 😀

So What do you think? Are you going to grab Tangle Teezer Elite or you are already a proud owner of this gem? Drop your comments in comment section below. Do not forget to like the video and subscribe to my youtube channel.

Till next time…take care…xoxo.

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  1. Why I thought this is magic brush, but looking at it I would not have guess it is great in detaggling hair and making the hair well groomed… I would like to purchase it but is quite costly… but if its really as good as you have said will love to buy it… any tips on how to clean it… that’s the problem I face with brushes… I even brought something the exhibition buy told as comp, brush cleaner now I realise its a carpet cleaner… anyway… goodday

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