Oriflame Beauty Studio Artist Gel Eye Liner Review, Swatches and EOTD


Heylo Everyone,

I hope you are doing great. I have been trying my best to be regular here and post reviews for you with variety of products. Though I know I have not been able to succeed at it due to wedding shopping and traveling. But still I would try my best.

I am an eyeliner person and I love to use all types(liquid, gel, pencil) of eyeliners and my preference changes as per occasion and purpose. I love to use gel liners when I’m out for all day as they have great staying power and they don’t budge(mostly) or smudge or give racoon eyes for that matter. And I use them on waterline also(provided they don’t have shimmer).

Today’s post is about another gel-liner I have tried other than Maybelline and Revlon(Now I remember i have not reviewed any of them :o) and i. e. Oriflame Beauty Studio Artist Gel Eye Liner.Let’s see if it has impressed me in any way or just another dud in stash 🙂

Oriflame Beauty Studio Artist Gel Eye Liner Review, Swatches and EOTD


Oriflame Beauty Studio Artist Gel Eye Liner comes in black carton box packaging which has product name and shade number etc. written in white color.

Oriflame Beauty Studio Artist Gel Eye Liner Packaging Outer ox

Inside the black carton box there is one cute little transparent plastic pot with black cap on it.

Oriflame Beauty Studio Artist Gel Eye Liner Packaging

There is one little angled brush included inside the carton box, with transparent plastic wrap-like cover to cover bristles. Including a brush is good idea and makes it travel friendly and you don’t have to carry a brush along.

Oriflame Beauty Studio Artist Gel Eye Liner

Color & Pigmentation:

The color of Oriflame Beauty Studio Artist Gel Eye Liner is matte jet black but the pigmentation is not upto the mark. In 1 swipe it looks too sheer on lids and if you try to layer it up when previous layer is still wet, products moves around too much and gets patchy. So you can layer it up only when the previous layer is dry. Even after 3 swipes also i don’t get that perfect dark black color I expect from gel liner. Overall i’m disappointed by the pigmentation as after using one stroke gel liners like Maybelline and Revlon, I don’t have this much patience to wait,dry and apply my eyeliners.

Here is 1 and 3 swipe swatches for you:

Oriflame Beauty Studio Artist Gel Eye Liner Swatches

Formula & Consistency:

Formula of the gel liner is not exactly creamy gel liner type like Maybelliner gel liner rather I can feel powdery particles in the formula in gel base which i really hated and in my opinion responsible for patchy application. Consistency is on more creamier side unlike other gel liners and therefore it can be the reason that it doesn’t dry quickly and hence make it hard to layer it up.


Though the application of Oriflame Beauty Studio Artist Gel Eye Liner to perfection is quite a task in itself but i have conquered that and tested the performance and i would say it doesn’t budge or smudge from eyes but if you rub your eyes it comes off in powdery flakes which is again a turn off for me.

Here is my EOTD using Oriflame Beauty Studio Artist Gel Eye Liner to line my eyes:

Oriflame Beauty Studio Artist Gel Eye Liner Swatches EOTD

What I like about Oriflame Beauty Studio Artist Gel Eye Liner:

  • smudge proof if you don’t rub your eyes.
  • matte black color if layered perfectly.
  • perfect to fill brows.
  • Small angled brush comes along with it makes it travel-friendly.

What I don’t like about Oriflame Beauty Studio Artist Gel Eye Liner:

  • Pigmentation is very poor.
  • Formula is too creamy to layer up.
  • Not smooth texture rather powdery.
  • flakes out if you rub your eye.
  • If you loose outer carton box then you may find it difficult to spot the tiny brush in your vanity.
  • Brush is too tiny that it leads to product wastage sometimes.
  • Availability (can be purchased only through Oriflame representatives/few online stores.)

Final Verdict: 2/5

Overall I’m disappointed with this gel liner as it was so much raved about after its launch but i have not found it worth the money. I would always love to go with my Maybelline gel liner which is just a few bucks costlier than Oriflame Beauty Studio Artist Gel Eye Liner. A BIG NO from my side. I’m planning to finish it off by using it to fill my brows.

Here is my FOTD in this I have used Oriflame Beauty Studio Artist Gel Eye Liner to line my eyes and fill my brows:

Oriflame Beauty Studio Artist Gel Eye Liner FOTD

So ladies this is my review about Oriflame Beauty Studio Artist Gel Eye Liner. Let me know how you find it.

Have you used Oriflame Beauty Studio Artist Gel Eye Liner? How you find it? 

Drop your comments in comment section below. Love you all for your visits and comments/suggestions/opinions..

Till next time…tc…xoxo


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Great post! I love eyeliners as well, I need to practice more often, It can be difficult to use a liquid eyeliner lol. Happy Friday!


Very sad performance of the liner anu 🙁

Richa Saxena

Awww…This sounds just so disappointing! 🙁


This looks so pretty on u. I wish the quality was better. gah


The pigmentation does not look the best. I usually prefer liquid liners. Great review hun.


What a disappointment!


Oh, it’s a pity that the eyeliner totally failed. Actually it looks good. The corners are very well. If it’s too creamy to apply another layer maybe you should wait a bit until you can make another layer?


Margaret Dallospedale

😯 fabulous review i want it
have a nice day


Oriflame has never ever satisfied me with the composition of their eye makeup products. I use their eyeliner stylo to just fill my brows as it is too light and sheer on my eyes. Nice review dear.


Nice review Anubhuti.


aww so sad at the pigmentation 🙁
thanks for the honest review


will skip it, thanks for the honest review dear 🙂


I am a huge fan of gel liners…never tried anything from Oriflame though!


looks pretty on dear!

Kiss & Make-up

Awww, too bad it was such a letdown 🙁 Your wing looks nice though.


I like eyeliners to be deep black too!

Style and Paper


Sucks when products dont work out as you’d hoped:s I remember trying something from Oriflame decades ago when I was in India and not liking it even then lol ..I think it was one of their eyepencils. I don’t know if you get Sonia Kashuk in India but her gel liners are reallllly good for the price!


Ahhh ouchhh =/ I am so so sorry to hear about the bad experience Anu. And you’re right…it does look cheap and not that pigmented now eh :/



ops dud one 🙁


U have applied it so neatly. Sadly it is poorly pigmented!


You gave me a good idea. to finish bad liners filling on eyebrows. I was about to throw one bad one- Chambor. Now I will use it.
You look pretty


Usually this is how I feel about most AVON products!

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