My June 2014 FABBAG


My June 2014 FabBag

Heylo lovely ladies,

I have recently posted my May fabBag post(here), you must be wondering that how come I received 2 bags in june itself… so the reason is I have renewed my subscription in late may so I’ve received my FabBag of may in June second week. And usually the bag for every month are delivered in last 10 days of month so I’ve received this month’s bag on Monday 🙂

Bag is very pretty crisscross patterned pink colored pouch, which qualifies perfectly as little makeup kit 🙂 I love these bags so much 🙂


Read on and see the pics to know what all did I get in my June bag:


Clean&Clear Essentials kit:

This kit came in very pretty purple potli bag which is totally adorable and i’m gonna keep my accessories in it 😛


This was supposed to be a free sample kit apart from regular bag products but seems like they have included as a 4th product(not fair, as earlier they have sent vivel sample kit which was free and additional to regular 4 bag products).


The Kit includes samples of Clean&Clear Blackhead clearing Daily scrub 20gm, Clean&Clear foaming facial wash 50ml and Clean&Clear oil-free moisturizer 50ml.


Given the sample size I’m not complaining much about replacing 4th product by this kit. Plus I wanted to try this scrub and moisturizer for a long time so I’m happy to get it 🙂 Also the face wash is very good for summers so this goes straight to my mini kit in handbag 🙂

PhotoGrid_1403716906955 PhotoGrid_1403717053313

PhotoGrid_1403716876822 PhotoGrid_1403715865810

Flormar Loose powder:


This bag seems to be containing products I’ve been wanting to buy. Loose powder was on my buy & try list this month and I’ve got this beauty as a full-sized product in the bag. 🙂 Shade is 002 which is perfect for my skin tone. So couldn’t be happier.


Vert Fresh cucumber and mint face scrub:


Looking at the packaging this one seems like homemade herbal product. The scrub is very thick and need to mix with rose water or plain water before applying. Also be gentle on skin 🙂


They have also included a special discount coupon from Vert store Gurgaon so I can go and check other products as well if I like this one.


BeautyLab Smart defence daily moisturizer SPF 20:


This sample size is small but given the full size product’s cost(2800/- INR for 30 ml) I’m not complaining. This one contains Retinol, Bio-collagen, Hyaluron, Peptide & Acai which are anti-ageing agents plus SPF 20 gives sun-block. I’m excited to try it out.


This was my June month fabbag. Every month they provide a discount couupon for that month’s fabbag products. Overall i’m very happy with my bag. My fav is Clean&Clear Kit.




You can subscribe to fabbag here. If you are already subscribed, let me know in comments what have you got in your june fabbag…

Take care….xoxo.

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  1. Anu i really love your blog it is amazing muaaahhh

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