My Envy Box December 2015

My Envy Box December 2015

Heylo Everyone,

Merry Christmas!!! How was this long weekend for you? I’m still not out of long weekend fun mode and I literally had to drag myself to work 😀 I had a lot of fun and will share the deets soon. Anyhow moving on to today’s post, December My Envy box curated a special box with the Christmas theme this month and the box itself has Christmas-ey feel to it. The box is beautiful red colored with “MY Envy Box” printed in golden and has Christmas-ey print all over it…in all a total drool-worthy box and i have already decided what I’m gonna do with it 😀

My Envy Box Christmas Edition

Here is first look of My Envy Box December 2015:

My Envy Box December 2015 Unboxing

There is a card included in box which details of my envy box subscription offers.

In My Envy Box Subscription offers

There is another card having product description of all possible included products in different My Envy Boxes for December 2015:

My Envy Box Product card

It says two full-sized Catrice products are included in this month’s box.

Here is a list of products I got in My Envy Box:

  • Catrice Ultra Fine Ink Liner- Full size:6ml, Rs. 660/-.
  • Catrice Nail Polish- Full size: 10ml, Rs. 445/-.
  • Bioderma Photoderm AKN MAT SPF30 Fluid- Full size: 40ml, Rs. 1400/-.
  • Ananda Facial Moisturiser for Normal to dry skin- Full Size: 50gm, Rs. 1350/-.
  • O3+ Whitening Mask – Full size: 50gm, Rs. 775/-.

My Envy Box December 2015

Lets have a detailed look at products in My Envy Box December 2015.

1. Catrice Ultra Fine Ink Liner(Full Sized):

I always feel very happy to receive any kind of makeup products in my subscription boxes and when it is eyeliner/kajal, I feel super happy 😛 I was happy to see full-sized black liquid eyeliner by Catrice in My Envy Box December 2015 but only thing which bothered me a little was that eyeliner had foil sticker which was almost coming out(you can see it in picture also) and it gave me a feeling somehow that it is re-labled and now I’ll try to verify its expiry date online. First look of this eyeliner was good, I’ll review it soon.

Catrice Ultra Fine Ink Liner

2. Catrice Nail Polish(Full size):

Another Full-sized product and thankfully it was not re-labeled like eyeliner but I’ll still verify. I got a beautiful metallic champagne colored nailpaint shade 62 Must-have STEELetto which is perfect for holiday season 🙂 Excited to try it out, will share nail swatches soon.

Catrice Nail Polish

3. Bioderma Photoderm AKN MAT SPF30 Fluid(2 samples of 5ml each):

I’m happy to see 2 samples of 5ml by Bioderma as one sample of 5ml is not enough to judge any product properly especially when you have sensitive skin. SPF 30 sounds perfect for winters 🙂

Bioderma Photoderm Fluid

4. Ananda Facial Moisturiser for Normal to dry skin(Sample of 10gm):

I have combination skin which is slightly dry in winters so this cream sounds perfect option. Though I have used Ananda Moisturiser for oily and combination skin and did not like it but hoping that this one works better 🙂 10gm sample is good enough for 8-10 days.

Ananda Facial Moisturiser

5. O3+ Whitening Mask(Sample of 10ml):

I have used O3+ detan mask before and liked it as it is one of very few detan products which did not irritate my skin so I’m hoping that this whitening mask will help me lighten my recent beach tan 🙂

O3+ Whitening Mask

Overall I got 2 full sized makeup products and 3 skincare samples. This month’s box had better products than November box which I did not subscribed for as I was travelling. Overall this month’s box was average and I am a bit skeptical about eyeliner as it was re-labeled which i did not expect from a brand like My Envy Box.

Have you subscribed for My Envy Box December 2015 edition? What did you get in your Box this month? Drop your comments in comment section below 🙂

Till next time…take care…xoxo 🙂

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Francesca Giagnorio

This box is amazing <3


Great contents. Would love reading O3+ Whitening Mask Review


Wow, this box looks so gorgeous. I have to say, I really love the cute packaging. 🙂 The nail polish caught my eye from the start. It can be quite tricky with nail polishes in subscription boxes (I often end up getting a shade I dislike!), but you got lucky, the shade is gorgeous and I’m looking forward to seeing your swatches. 🙂 <3



I know there are full sized products still its an okay box. Hope all is well with eyeliner.


i too got same products except that i got nail paint in red color 🙂


I got almost same products except for the Eyeliner..I received a mascara and I quite like it 😀


I am hating ow the sizes of samples are diminshing every month.. My Envy Box has to do something for this 😛

The Beauty Highlights

Nice box. catrice nail paint looks gorgeous.


That nail paint looks awesome!! Waiting for Swatches 😀


Great box.. especially the eyeliner & Bioderma one..


Enjoy reading your blog. Have a nice week.


The box looks so good this month! I liked the nail paint shade 🙂 Great review Anubhuti <3


Lovely products this month!
Wishing you all the best in 2016.

Lisa @ Midwest Glam

I’ve never heard of My Envy Box, but it looks like a decent box. You’ve got some good looking items there. Loving the full sized liner and nail polish. And the Ananda Moisturizer sounds nice too.

anu dev

Such a shame i heard so much about catrice products but still not bought evena single product. that eyeliner looks worth trying


the box is so pretty….

Wishing you a very Happy New Year….


I love Catrice Stuff, the pencil liners are awesome. The box is so pretty.


Thorough review, I am glad you got a nice selection this time, but also am concerned about the eye-liner. It is a good point to make about expiration date.
Love the nail color, and I am glad you like the brightening mask, and that it did not irritate! Yes, it is hard to get out of “holiday mode”
xx, Elle


Thank you for the introduction.I like it!


The December bag definitely looks better than the November bag. It’s nice that they gave 2 full sized products.


Catrice Makeup is really good!! I loved ur box though relabelling is slight bothering for sensitive area products especially !! Actually for anything to be used on skin


December box was definitely better than the november one! I got similar products, just the nail color shade was different. 🙂


box is very very pretty . i want to have one

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