Maybelline Glitter Mania Pink Champagne Review and Swatches


Heylo all, so much raved about Maybelline colorShow Glitter mania nailpaints. cheapest textured nailpaints available in 8 super awesome colors : All that glitters, Dazzling Diva, Pink Champagne, Starry Night, Matinee Mauve, Paparazzi Purple, Bling on the Blue and Red Carpet. Out of which I have already reviewed “All that glitters” and “Red Carpet” here and today I’m reviewing Maybelline Glitter Mania Pink Champagne which is my favorite from this range.
Pink Champgne
I have cut my nails short as I was bored of long nails (yeah I get easily bored with one look :P) this pink champagne was looking so cute on my nails and it scored me lots of compliments 😀 so read on to see my favourite Maybelline colorshow glitter mania nailpaint.

Maybelline Glitter Mania Pink Champagne:

I absolutely adore this color it is very pretty pink and just right amount of glittery 🙂 I’m loving glitters these days (As you can see in my post about glitter love here). I wore it 5 days without chipping and even on my right hand(given that I’m right handy) 🙂 I love love love these naiulpaints and going to buy all colors 😛
It is quite similar to “All that glitters” but not gold but liquid rose gold in a bottle 😀 not very blingy and it has pink glitters in it with pink base which when applied on nails gives a sandy textured finish.


Packaging is regular cylindrical bottle with Maybelline Colorshow glitter mania written on the cap. Brush is very good and very apt for application. Bottle looks sleek and pretty 🙂 Shade no. and name is written on top of the cap.
Glitter mania pink champagne packaging

Color Pay-off & cosistency:

Single coat also not very sheer but for opaque and sandy finish you need to apply minimum 2 coats. And 3 coats give more of rose pink color. Consistency is good not very runny not thick.. just right.

1 and 2 coat finish in pictures:
glitter mania Pink champagne Swatches

What I like:

  • Nice wearable glitter nailpaints which can be wore everywhere even to office.
  • Nice color pay-off.
  • Sandy textured finish which actually makes them cheapest sandy nailpaints. 🙂
  • Wearing time is quite good. Stays put for 5 days without chipping with some house chores.
  • When topped with clear top, coat wear time can be increased.
  • Not too glittery and glitters don’t shed.

What I don’t like:

  • Removing these is a bit pain (but this is same with all glitter nailpaints). But I finally found a remover which makes the job easy (tune in to know about it).
  • Some may find staying power a con but at this price i don’t mind it much 🙂

Here is my NOTD using Maybelline Glitter Mania Pink Champagne:
glitter mania Pink champagne final look
One more 😀
glitter mania Pink champagne
And last but not the least my favorite nailfie pose 😛
glitter mania Pink champagne senseiteve pose

Final Verdict: 4.5/5

Maybelline Glitter Mania Pink Champagne is gorgeous and i have clicked the pics with flash and different times of the day so that you can look at the shade more effectively as it is hard to capture exact color of any glitter nailpaint.

Do you like Maybelline Glitter Mania Pink Champagne? Have you used Maybelline ColorShow Glitter Mania Nailpaints yet? Which one is your favourite? Tell me in comment section.

Till next time…Take care…xoxo.

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