Makeup Tutorial to Conceal Dark Circles

Makeup Tutorial to Conceal Dark Circles
Makeup Tutorial to Conceal Dark Circles
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Getting ready for a night out but can’t seem to get rid of those unsightly dark circles under your eyes? Don’t panic. A dab here and a brush there will easily have you looking from drab to fab.

Follow five simple makeup tricks and watch those dark circles fade away like they never existed.

1. It all starts with a concealer

You’ve heard about celebrities magically hiding those flaws under concealer. Now it’s your turn to try out this trending makeup hack. Before you wonder how to conceal the dark circles, know that it is not difficult. Simply choose a brighter hue like orange or red. Light or medium peach hues are ideal for fair skin tones, while darker shades of peach or orange work well for wheatish to dusky complexions. Ensure that the shade you choose is at least 1-2 shades darker than your actual skin color. Using your finger, apply a slight coat to provide even coverage under your eyes.

2. Blending it well

The next most important step to get that natural look is blending your foundation with the orange or peach concealer. Using a beauty blender or brush, carefully blend the foundation with the concealer, being cautious as to not wipe off the concealer in the process. Apply foundation to your whole face for even coverage.

3. Adding that extra sheen

Although, you may choose to skip this step, we suggest it if you want the dark circles around eyes to be completely hidden. Choose a concealer with a light consistency, preferably one that is a shade lighter than your complexion. Apply a few dots onto the contour of your lower eyelid using a dome brush and gently blend. This will brighten up your eyes and give you a dewy look.

4. Don’t let it cake off

In case of dry skin, you could simply skip using the face powder and settle for a matte eyeshadow that is 1-2 shades lighter than your own complexion. Applying a thin coat under your eyes will ensure you don’t end up with a cake face.

5. Lipstick hack

Alternatively, you could use red or orange lipstick if getting your hands on a colored concealer is difficult. After putting on foundation using an eyeshadow brush start applying the red lipstick onto the area under your eyes to provide even coverage. Then take a concealer and evenly cover the red area. Thereafter, blend well using a beauty blender until you achieve the right color.

If you are looking not just at concealing but actually getting rid of dark circles, check out these home remedies for dark circles.

Now you won’t have to try desperately hard to hide those dark circles under the eye. Simply take the easy way out with these easy tips and look your glamorous best.

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Natural Beauty And Makeup

Awesome tutorial post <3 Lipstick hack is new to me, I will surely try this hack.


I didn’t know tht wearing a red or orange lipstick under the concealer, well blended, of course, could help reaching the right color! Wow, that’s a good suggestion! Hope you have a very nice day!

Ms Meehnia

I tried the lipstick hack once..It actually works 😀 😀

Gressa sankhe

awesome post…i usually do the lipstick hack so know it works for sure…

Gil Zetbase

Great post!
Have a nice evening!
Photographer Gil Zetbase


Such a great post. Thanks for sharing it.


Very helpful post! I have dark circles myself, so I know first hand that it never hurts to have a few extra tips and tricks hidden up one’s sleeve when it comes to dealing with them.


Awesome post Anubhuti.I have tried the lipstick hack and it works great with covering the dark circles.Loved the post.


lovely tips..helpful for so many of us anu.. 😀

Anjali Sengar

Lovely post.. Definitely gonna help a lot of people 🙂

Anjali Sengar

Nice post.. Definitely gonna help a lot of people 🙂

salma shaheen

Very informative and great tips! 🙂


Those are some really good tips on concealing dark circles. I’ll be sure to remember them. Thanks for sharing.

xoxo – Chaicy
Style.. A Pastiche!


some really great tips and these actually work. Love it 🙂

Kanu Gupta

really helpful tips will sure try out next time.

Sri Ramani

I am following the lipstick hack from past 3-4 months and it works amazing.Useful tips!


Somehow, every concealer (every means every) creases under my eyes. So, I end up dusting compact and try to conceal my mild dark circles.

Pooja Raina

I just love this post!!! Extremely informative!!

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