Makeup Academy Pro Base Prime & Conceal Review & Swatches

Makeup Academy Pro Base prime & Conceal

Happy Sunday Everyone,

Recently I have hit the pan of a product and have realised that I have still not reviewed it here. So let’s talk about the product Makeup Academy Pro Base Prime & Conceal – Yellow aka MUA Pro Base Prime & Conceal, yes the one I have shown you in my MUA haul here.

Makeup Academy Pro Base prime & Conceal

About Makeup Academy Pro Base prime & Conceal Colour Correcting Cream:

Individual colour correcting creams suitable for a multitude of complexions.
Brighten and conceal areas with purple tones with this soft and blendable yellow cream.
Apply this soft and blendable green tone to areas that are susceptible to redness to neutralise and reduce the appearance.
This soft and blendable lilac tone illuminates but can also be applied to areas to mute yellow undertones.
Add radiance to areas that need it most with this creamy peach tone.

Makeup Academy Pro Base prime & Conceal Shades
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Price, Quantity & Where to buy online:

£2.00 for 3.4gm (Super cheap right). You can buy it online at MUA official site here(they ship to India), Amazon and Flipkart.


Makeup Academy Pro Base prime & Conceal Ingredients

My Experience with Makeup Academy Pro Base prime & Conceal:

A little heads-up…I love this product, but I guess you got to know that already when I have said I’ve hot the pan 😀 Makeup Academy Pro Base prime & Conceal comes in a simple black pan with transparent lid on top so you can see the product from outside. This is claimed to be colour correcting cream by MUA so this kind of packaging helps you pick right colour. I feel the packaging is a bit clumsy and might break if you are prone to drop products like me 😉 Mine broke within a month 😀 Otherwise travel-friendly lightweight packaging.

Makeup Academy Pro Base prime & Conceal Review

Makeup Academy Pro Base prime & Conceal has buttery smooth texture. It has yellow tones which helps concealing all the redness on face and minor blemishes and that is what I love about it. It spreads easily due to creamy texture and gives light to medium coverage due to the same. It feel extremely light weight on skin. It has a tendency to cling on to dry patches so I suggest to moisturise well before applying this. It easily brightens up the under eye area and covers light blemishes and redness on acne but it can not completely cover acne, heavy dark circles and dark blemishes/acne spots.

Makeup Academy Pro Base prime & Conceal Swatches

I use Makeup Academy Pro Base Prime & Conceal over my foundation to cover spots and redness under my eye area and face, and it actually brighten up my eyes and make me look more awake :D(If that is making any sense. It does not look or feel cakey even on layering. I do not have dark circles so majorly I use it to highlight my face, you know the ususal spots forehead, arch of the brow, bridge of the nose, under the eyes, cupids bow and top of the chin 🙂 and it perfectly give that natural highlighted look. I sometimes use it allover my face and set it with power and this instantly brightens up my face and gives a gorgeous glow. I use it as a base to prime and conceal my eyes before eyemakeup and it holds on to shadows pretty well 🙂 Overall Makeup Academy Pro Base prime & Conceal is a versatile product which I absolutely love.

Makeup Academy Pro Base prime & Conceal Demo and Swatches

Final Verdict: 4.75/5

Makeup Academy Pro Base prime & Conceal is a very versatile product which can be used to prime and conceal as well as colour correcting. Yellow colour serves as perfect natural highlighter as well. It combats the redness on the face and brighten up the eyes and face. It stays put for about 5 hours after that you feel the need to touch up with compact. It is worth every penny. Only con I find is the availability in India as Indian e-com sites sell it at almost double of its actual price. 

Repurchase: YES.
Recommended: Do I still need to say YES after all this blabbering 😛

Have you used Makeup Academy Pro Base prime & Conceal? Share your thoughts about it in comment section below.

Till next time…Take care…xoxo.

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