In My Fabbag July 2015 : Red Carpet


In My Fabbag July 2015

Heylo Everyone,

How is your week going? Mine is great. Today I am here to share my monthly bag of happiness fabbag fot month of July 2015. So Let’s see What is In my Fabbag July 2015.

In My Fabbag July 2015

This Month’s theme is “Red Carpet”, Here is what Fabbag tea has to say about the theme.

Fabbag July 2015- Theme Red Carpet

Going with the month’s theme, this is how this month’s bag look.

In My Fabbag July 2015_Unbox

A pretty golden pouch which I am gonna carry a lot with my ethnics as well as party dresses 🙂 Bag is made of very soft and good quality material. A big thumbs up for the bag from my side. See for yourself.

My Fabbag July 2015

Here is a Personalized card having list of products in my fabbag july 2015:

My Fabbag July 2015-personalized crd

I have received total 5 products 2 full sized products, 1 lavish sized sample(50ml) and other 2 small samples of size 8ml. Let’s see in detail what all products I have got in my fabbbag july 2015.

1.  Bellapierre Mineral Lipstick – Ruby:

It is full sized products priced 1500/- INR.

in my Fabbag july 2015-bellapiere mineral lipstick

It is a beautiful Red Lipstick which will suit all skin tones. The lipcolor is subtle red so even if you are shy for bold lips, you can carry it very well.

In my Fabbag july 2015-bellapierre mineral lipstick swatch

2. SUGAR Eye Told You So! Waterproof Eyeliner – Black Swan:

It is another full sized product priced at 699/- INR. I wanted a good waterproof liquid liner, so I am really happy I got it in my july fabbag.

In my Fabbag july 2015-sugar I told you so waterproof eyeliner

It is a matte black liner with good applicator. The detailed review in on the way 🙂 Here is a swatch:

In my Fabbag july2015- sugar eye told you so eyeliner swatches

3. Vana Vidhi Luxury Summer Shimmer Sunscreen:

This is a sample sized products. Full size(115ml) product is priced at 2400/- INR and sample I have got is whopping 60ml(more than half size). Really happy to get such a luxury sample.

It has fine shimmers in it and it is a sunscreeen so It will give your skin a sparkling finish 🙂 and it is perfumed.

In My Fabbag July 2015-Vana Luxury Summer Shimmer

4. Ayorma Spa Daily Scrub & Facewash:

These are sample size each 8 ml. Full sized scrub price is 279/- INR for 50gm while facewash is priced 349/- INR for 100ml.

I am really excited to try these but I really wish sample size was a bit bigger(atleast 15ml). Anyways let’s see if they are going to last 10-12 applications.

In My Fabbag July 2015-Ayorma Spa Daily Scrub & Facewash

Since my subscription is getting over this month, I got a renewal card as well:

In My Fabbag July 2015-renewal offer


Oh And as usual they included mini magazine Fabpost which includes product information for the month’s bag and tips to use them, also special discounts on few products and some fab fashion and beauty tips 🙂 Here is a little sneak-peak:

In My Fabbag July 2015-Fab Post


So this is what I got in my fabbag july 2015. What you got in yours? If you wanna subscribe, you can visit their website.

Drop your comments below and let me know which review will you like to see first 🙂

Till next time… take care…xoxo.

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