Hot Earrings Trends Which I Love in 2017

I am fond either very big earring or very small like studs. Because i feel the medium sized earrings do not suit my big face :). I love buying and trying new earrings and in 2017 specifically there are few earring styles which I’m really digging. I was scrolling through Dresslily for earrings and then I thought why not I do a post about my favorite earring trends from 2017. So presenting… Hot Earrings Trends Which I Love in 2017.

1. Tassel Mania:

This is probably my favorite of all earring trends this year. Tassels attract me a lot and there are so much varieties and designs that you can never have enough of it. Bonus points for big earring styles. I am loving this trend and i hope it is here to stay.

2. Double-ended game:

When Dior came with original pearl double ended styles, dupes came in market and then came different innovative designs. This is again I love because there are so much variations and cutsy designs to suit everyone from delicate to sexy diva.

3. Fancy Earcuffs:

Earcuffs has been here for a while now and are not going anywhere sooner. But why I’m loving them this year more because of hot designs. My favorite ones are mermaids and dragons :).

4. Fuzzy balls drama:

This being again my second favorite. It has so many bright colors and those fuzzy balls can’t get any cuter. I just love them unconditionally. They can add color to any simple outfit. Check out few styles here.

5. Asymmetric or Mix and Match:

This earring trend has to be in this list because this has been my favorite forever, even when Asymmetric or Mix and Match was not even a trend. So this is close to my heart.

6. Embroidered Elegance:

Embroidery made it’s way in 2017 as a trend. From embroidered shirts, tops , dresses to accessories and shoes. But honestly I am really not a fan of embroidery designs on line or check printed shirts that I came across so far but then I saw these earrings. I think I am going to reconsider this trend.

7. Fringed chains:

This is one sexy earring trend. It will add just right amount of oomph in your evening gown or LBD. 🙂

8. Quirky side:

We all need to embrace the quirky side every once in a while. I love how these earrings make a bold statement and look so funky :).

9. Cute little things:

I love cute earrings, because you can’t think which earrings you want to wear, you can sport these without a second thought and you can never go wrong. These are my safe choice :).

What I noticed about earrings trends of 2017 is that there are so many designs and variations of each style that you can find one for you in each category :). Which earrings trend is your favorite from hot earrings trends of 2017? please share in the comment section below.

Till next time…take care…xoxo.

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  1. So many beautiful earrings, I have some with tassels and I love ear cuffs, but I loved the double ended ones! Sorry I haven’t been here often, but I was writing a lot for the uni 🙂 Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  2. I have managed to get along with major trends in earrings but somehow gave complete miss to asymmetric ones .Love the compilation here

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