How to Choose The Perfect Banquet for Your Wedding

PC: Shangri La Eros Hotel, Delhi

How to choose the perfect banquet for your wedding? Your wedding is probably the biggest bash you’re ever going to throw. And it has to be Pinterest worthy right? Then you’ll have to kick things off by choosing a stunning banquet hall. How to go about doing that you ask? We’ve got you covered.

1. Decide on the basics:

First things first, make a guest list and ascertain the tentative number of guests you will host at the event. Will it be a lunch or dinner event? Sit with your family and chalk out the estimated venue budget. Once you’ve decided these things you can eliminate locations that don’t accommodate your guests or are out of budget.

2. Research online:

Technology is your best friend. Look for the various options and shortlist according to location, proximity to airport, client reviews and price per plate/rental. There are a host of websites to help you along the way where you can search for wedding venues in your preferred location. For e.g. If you are getting married in Delhi, you can filter down best banquet halls in South delhi, Chattarpur, East Delhi, Faridabad, etc.

3. Experienced Staff:

Venues that have a lot of experience hosting Indian weddings have a resourceful staff that can help you out if things go sideways at the last minute. Also, a polite and courteous team at the venue will ensure your wedding goes off smoothly without a hitch.

4. Policy for other vendors:

Make sure you understand the venue’s vendor policy. Some have on site services and don’t allow outsiders. Others let you choose from their panel of vendors. The decorator, caterer, lighting and DJ you hire will depend on the venue you finally choose.

5. Rooms:

If you have outstation guests then enquire if the property has ample rooms. Check them out and see if they’re properly furnished.

6. Alcohol matters:

Does the property provide in house alcohol? Will they let you bring your own? What is their corkage fees?

7. Ask questions:

Before you make a final decision, quiz them on stuff like liquor license, fire safety permits, deadline for music/DJ, possession before event to decorate the venue, overtime charges, parking area etc. If the venue provides valet services, enquire the costs involved.

8. Ask more questions:

You should also be aware of the deposit amount to be paid, payment method, taxes and refund / cancellation policy of the venue.

9. Amenities and Services:

Most venues provide a Bridal room as part of their package. Also check out the restrooms at the location. Jot down the name and contact information of one person that you can speak with in case you have questions or need help with something.

10. Written Agreement:

For the sake of clarity, make sure everything is in writing. What are the things included in the package, what’s not, the date of booking, time and any other relevant details. Costs and taxes should be clearly mentioned.

Phew! Seems like a lot but trust us, if you keep these things in mind, everything will work out perfectly and you will have a wedding that’s memorable and fun…

Tilll next time…take care…xoxo.

Post By- Akanksha A

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