Hair for Sure Hair Tonic Review and Price in India

Hair for Sure Hair Tonic

Heylo everyone, This is a long weekend for all people in Maharashtra but I’m not so excited. Why? because Mr hubby is leaving for Official Business trip to US on Saturday 🙁 Anyways coming to the review of the day Hair for Sure Hair Tonic. Mr Husband was suffering from major hair-fall situation due to excessive travel and varying climate conditions. So when I have received Hair for Sure Hair Tonic I thought there can not be a better person than him to try it on and note the progress. Today’s review is based on his and mine experience together, you’ll know how.

Hair for Sure Hair Tonic

About Hair for Sure Hair Tonic:

Featuring the Breakthrough Rutexil Growth Complex, Hair for Sure Hair Regrowth Treatment is clinically proven to stimulate hair growth. Further, it is India’s 1st to be approved by the World Medical Trichologist Association.

Hair for Sure Hair Tonic Product Description

Hair for Sure Hair Tonic Information

Price, Quantity & Buy Online:

800/- INR for 150ml. Buy it on official website athenalife and on discount at Amazon(currently available at 699/- INR).

Hair for Sure Hair Tonic Price & Quantity

Ingredients & Directions to Use:

Hair for Sure Hair Tonic Ingredients & How to use

Hair for Sure Hair Tonic How to Use and results

Hair for Sure Hair Tonic Review:


Hair for Sure Hair Tonic comes in a golden-blue box with product information, ingredients, price and manufacturing details written on it. Inside the box there is product bottle, information brochure and a small plastic bag containing plastic nozzle.

Hair for Sure Hair Tonic Review

The bottle in which hair tonic comes is cream colored plastic bottle with product information, price, ingredients etc written on it.You have to remove the existing press-it airtight cap which you see once you open silver cap and replace it with screw nozzle.

Hair for Sure Hair Tonic Packaging

The nozzle has a twist open and shut mechanism which makes sure that product does not leak. The nozzle also makes the product application easy on scalp.

Consistency & Texture:

Product has runny water like consistency and a string smell which you get used to in few uses. The tonic is non-sticky and non-oily.

Hair for Sure Hair Tonic Bottle

Hair for Sure Hair Tonic Nozzle


Mr hubby applies it once a day after morning shower and not twice as suggested. He has been using it for a month consistently. His hair-fall has been decreased to great extent, now almost negligible and could see tiny hair outside his hairline which were never there or probably gone in hair-fall :). There was a tiny bald patch in his hairline and I asked him to target that and see it it gets any hair and yes, there are a few baby hair in 15 days. So It is working great for him and results were visible from 2nd week onwards. No tingling or itchiness on his scalp,a bit cooling sensation though.

Hair for Sure Hair Tonic Price in India

Now coming to my experience, as i have long hair and I was observing progress on Mr Husband’s hair, so I decided not to try it on my hair for now. Rather I tried it on my eyebrows 😛 Yes you heard it right. You know those parlour ladies who I feel like are born to make people eyebrow-bald 😐 and WTF brow momen and my eyebrow growth is super slow and poor specially at arch area and front of the brow. So I have doing my brows myself for past few months and trying to grow them thick.

Extra Bits:

When I saw it working on Mr hubby’s hair, I have thought why not I apply this tonic to my brow ares which has super slow growth. I applied it using my fingers/cotton bud at night time and leave it overnight. I could see tiny hair within a week on my arch area and baldy areas of brows and I swear I have been dying to see them for past 6 months :). And I saw 1-2 hair fall-off as well nothing major, I guess good riddance of old hair to make space for new ones 🙂 . I have experienced very mild cooling sensation on application. However I did experience itching on 3rd and 4th day of application but no irritation on skin so I continued application and after 1-2 days more I could see hair popping at the place where it was itching so I guess it was due to activating hair follicle may be.

Final Verdict: 5/5

Hair for Sure Hair Tonic has been working for me and my hubby both. The results showing time might differ from person to person. Detailed information about active ingredients and how they work to facilitate regrowth is given in the tiny brochure/pamphlet. It is great at controlling hair fall and stimulating hair follicles which in turn facilitate hair regrowth. This is not one-night wonder so give it some time and it will definitely show you results.

Recommended: Yes.
Repurchase: Yes.

This is all from my side for the day. enjoy the weekend. Share your thoughts in comment section below 🙂

Till Next time…take care…xoxo.

P.S. PR Sample but reviews are honest and uncompromised 🙂

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  1. Thank you so much babe for this review.I so badly wanted a review of this product.I had very thick hair when I was in school but over the years my hair has become so thin so I wanted a hair growth product but was not sure about this one.But after your review I will go and pick it up and apply this and hope I get my hair back.Thanks a ton for the review.Love u
    yamini@BeautyandBlush recently posted…MAC Crosswires Cremesheen Lipstick Review and SwatchesMy Profile

  2. Last to last year I used a hair tonic as per my friends advise, it was good but stopped later because it has steroids! Now my question to you is do you know whether this tonic has steroid or not? Since I have heard that presence of steroids in tonics stops hair fall from first usage but gradually it stops working and when you stop using that tonic, again hair fall starts !! Badly need a good hair tonic for my hair growth 🙁 Nice review Anubhuti 🙂
    Anamika (NBAM) recently posted…A visit to North Goa- Day 1My Profile

    1. Ohh bad that it had steroids… i did some googling on ingredients and hair for sure doesn’t seem to contain steroids… you can give it try if you want…also do let me know if you find anything about this 🙂

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