Gray Hair Woes??…Here Are the fixes…

Gray Hair Woes??…Here Are the fixes…

Hi All,

I hope everyone’s doing great. Today’s post is on a special request by one of my friend and reader 🙂 She has asked me 2-3 times to do a post on this topic.

Grey Hair Remedies

So here I’m talking about fixes for premature graying of hair. Premature graying of hair is the biggest nightmare for young people especially women and people under 30 are also not untouched by this problem. There are so many home remedies available on internet for premature graying of hair but following everything is not possible for working people or  people like us who are living away from their home.

Grey Hair Problem

I’ve compiled and brought to you some very easy options that you can try at your home and see if they are effective or not.

One most important key is patience. Since these all are natural and home remedies, it may take time for them to show effect. But having patience doesn’t hurt if you are tired of trying out everything because nothing is working for you.

1. Indian Gooseberry(Amla) Fix: Indian gooseberries are said to have the best effect for revitalizing pigmentation in your gray hair. There are simple ways you can use them:

Grey Hair Remedies_indian-gooseberry

  • You can use them fresh as a paste and apply it on your hair, leave it on for 20-30 min and wash hair with normal water. Preferably do not shampoo immediately.
  • Soak some dried (dried in shade) pieces of amla and leave them overnight. Use this water as last rinse when you wash your hair.
  • Take some pieces of amla (Fresh or dried) and boil them in coconut or almond oil till the pieces turn into black charred dust. Use this blackish oil to massage your scalp and hair.
  • Massaging the scalp every night with a teaspoonful of amla juice, mixed with a teaspoon of almond oil and a few drops of lime juice, also proves beneficial in the prevention and treatment of premature greying of hair.
  • Take amla juice orally every day. It cleanses your system, improves your immunity and cures problem of premature graying.

2. Curry Leaves:  Curry leaves are also easily available to us. Take some fresh curry leaves, crush them and boil them in coconut oil. This concoction serves as very helpful for stimulating hair growth and remedy for premature graying.

Grey Hair Remedies_Curry Leaves

3. Coconut Oil & Lemon: Like Amla (Indian gooseberry) coconut oil also is very helpful agent for curing gray hair problem. Don’t want to repeat the few way which I mentioned in above 2 points.

Grey Hair Remedies_coconut oil & lemon

Other than that mix coconut oil and juice of half lemon and massage you head with the mixture daily, for about 15 minutes.

4. Black treatment: Black tea or black coffee treatments are effecctive too.

Grey Hair Remedies_Black Tea

  • Use black tea (boiled black tea in water) or black coffee (coffee boiled in water without sugar) as last rinse when you wash your hair.
  • Take one cup of strong black tea and add one tablespoon of salt into it. Massage your hair and scalp with this water and wash off after an hour. Regular use makes a difference.

5. Henna treatment: You must have heard this as the most popular remedy for gray hair. 

Grey Hair Remedies_Hair Henna

A mixture of 2 spoons of henna powder, 1 spoon of fenugreek paste, 3 spoons of coffee, 3 spoons of mint juice, and 1 spoon of yogurt is proved to be very effective for treating grey hair. Apply this mixture regularly to get good results.Grey Hair Remedies_Henna

6. Mustard Oil: Another ingredient from granny’s favorite list is mustard oil. 

Grey Hair Remedies_musturd oil

Take 250 grams of mustard oil and boil it with 60 grams of henna leaves, till it entirely burns in the mustard oil. Apply this concoction to your hair to get black and shiny hair. You can also use coconut oil instead of mustard oil.

These are easily available ingredients and these are very easy to do methods also. Try them out and tell me which method works for you the best…

Also keep your caffeine and fried food intake minimum, do not take tension and take a balanced healthy diet. Take care and stay happy 🙂 xoxo..

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