My Fashionmia Monsoon Wardrobe Essentials Wishlist

My Fashionmia Monsoon Wardrobe Essentials Wishlist

I have no specific rules/bars when it comes to dressing up. The only rule I follow is that I wear weather appropriate clothes :D(As if nobody follows that :P) but anyhow what I have wanted to say is that I do not have any colour related rules or anything like that. I wear what I like till it is comfortable.

So when fashionmia approached me to check out their website, I have explored their collection and asusual since it is continuously and insanely raining here in Pune, it was hard to take my mind of “Monsoon” so I have decided to make monsoon wardrobe essential wishlist and share with all of you. One thing sure is that you are going to see lots of shirt clothes because i do not like my clothes getting dirty in muddy water 😛

Here is what is in my Fashionmia Monsoon Wardrobe Essentials Wishlist:


I wear lots of midi-skirts in light fabric in monsoon because they easily dry if you get drenched and they don’t get dirty in mud if you decide to walk 😛 and chic prints are always my favourite like this Printed Chic Midi-Skirt:

Fashionmia Printed Chic Midi-Skirts


Once again rompers are my cult favourite for monsoon specially for outings. They are stylish chic ans stylish. I liked this Printed Striped Romper a lot:

Fashionmia Printed Striped Designed Rompers


For night outings or movie/coffee dates I like full-sleeve t-shirts as they can save you from feeling cold and of they are in a Floral Print Patchwork Round Neck like this one, they look elegant too 🙂

Fashionmia Floral Printed Patchwork Designed Round Neck Long-Sleeve-T-Shirts

Shrug/Light Cardigan:

Do you have a favorite top you wanna wear but it is sleeveless and it is slightly cold outside, don’t worry throw a nice shrug or a light/thin cardigan like this one over it and you are good to rock:

Fashionmia Striped Delightful Cardigans

Bodycon Dress:

And for the dates or parties or even office a smart colourful bodycon dress will make sure you are up in the game 🙂 Fashionmia has quite good collection of dresses and i liked this one a lot:

Fashionmia Assorted colors bodycon dress

Apart from these i also like to wear maxi dresses 🙂 what are your monsoon wardrobe essentials? Do you live by fashion rules? Share your thoughts in comment section below 🙂

Till next time…take care…xoxo.

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  1. The longline striped cardigan looks so versatile and idea for taking outfits through from summer to autumn 🙂

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