Everyuth Facewash Oil clear Lemon and Purifying Neem Review

Some products I buy because I have memories with them 😀 .  A few days back I have shared my generic skincare routine and i mentioned that one mild and one slightly scrubbing facewash routine is working great for my skin. So here I am reviewing 2 such facewashes by Everyuth, I bought these because Everyuth Lemon facewash was the first ever facewash I have used, so nostalgia and curiosity about new formula made me buy it and it was 1+1 offer so I got the other one free :). Here presenting review of Everyuth Facewash Oil clear Lemon and Everyuth facewash Purifying Neem.

Price, Quantity & Buy online:

120/- INR for 150gm.

Everyuth Oil Clear Lemon facewash: Buy it online at Amazon,

Everyuth Purifying Neem Facewash: Buy it online at Amazon,

About Everyuth Facewash Oil clear Lemon and Purifying Neem & Ingredients:

My Experienc3e with Everyuth Facewash Oil clear Lemon and Purifying Neem:


Both Everyuth Oil clear Lemon and Purifying Neem facewashes come in white tube with respective print on it and color coded flip-open caps. Lemon one has lemon and water print all over and yellow cap whereas neem one has neem and water print all over with dark green cap. All the details and ingredient list is mentioned on back of the tube.

Texture & Consistency:

Both Everyuth Facewashes Oil clear Lemon and Purifying Neem come in gel like consistency. They do not feel sticky at all. Lemon variant is light yellow colored gel and Neem variant had faint green gel base with dark green scrubbing particles in it.

Both facewashes lather mildly and not over the top. So if you are someone who is used to dove/pond’s like foam then this might disappoint you a little. I do not mind it much as i do not have such issues.


Everyuth Facewash Oil clear Lemon and Purifying Neem both cleans face effectively, not suck-all-moisture-give-me-stretchy-skin clean but clean-without-ripping-moisture clean. Though you need a little extra effort to wash these off.

Lemon variant is supposed to clear oil and keep it bay and it does that without giving stretchy skin. Neem variant gives slight scrubbing and perfect of once a day everyday use even for super-sensitive skin like me. Go light-handedly.

Final Verdict: 4/5

For the price these are retailed it, these are worth the bucks. these are good for sensitive skin. Everyuth Facewash Oil clear Lemon keeps oil at bay for good hours and perfect for even winter days as it does not dry-out skin. It also helped with those tiny pollution raised pimples. Everyuth Facewash  Purifying Neem is perfect for sensitive skin to use once a day. I use this at night to make sure my skin and pores are free from dead skin or makeup residue. This might not work for severe blackhead/whitehead prone skin but regualr use is effective at improving overall skin feel.

Totally recommended.

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Till Next time…take care…xoxo.

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