Cipla Saslic DS Foaming Facewash review


Cipla Saslic DS Foaming Facewash review

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Have a happy weekend. Here in delhi there has been 2 earthquakes since morning and felt them both. Though there is not much casualties in delhi-NCR region but since the epicenter was in Kathmandu, Nepal so there are damages due to these in Nepal and in Indian places which are nearer to Nepal border. Prayers from my side.

Today I am here with review of a medicated facewash Saslic DS by Cipla which has been introduced to me by a friend of mine duringย my battle with acne. So Lets move on to the review.

Saslic DS Foaming face wash

What Cipla says about Saslic DS:

“Worried about your acne and tired of using products claiming to clean them quick? Can’t get rid of those stubborn pimples? Tired of hiding those dreaded acne so that the face doesn’t look ugly? Fret no more, here’s a product that will change your look and clean your face like never before.

Saslic DS Foaming Face Wash from Cipla is the only face wash you will ever need. This product is suited for people who have oily skin and hence, the skin is more prone to acne occurring. It can be used by either gender. Use this face wash just once a day to see positive results and guaranteed to fall in love with this amazing product. Saslic Ds Foaming face wash is recommended by many experienced dermatologists for a major part in acne treatment and further prevention.”

Price, Quantity & Shelf-life:

198/- INR for 60ml. Shelf-life ofย 2 years.

Saslic DS Foaming face wash- Price & Shelf life


Major ingredient is salicylicย acid 2%.

Saslic DS Foaming face wash Information

The major ingredient of this face wash is Salicylic acid which is present as 2% w/v. This makes it acidic in nature with a pH of 5.5. The acid goes right into the skin and cleans the pores from deep within leaving you acne free. It does, however, slightly dries out the skin but that is perfectly normal with the usage.


Saslic DS comes in a purple transparent bottle with white cap and pump dispenser. The packaging is light weighted, hyegenic and travel-friendly.

Saslic DS Foaming face wash Packaging


Saslic DS foaming facewash looks transparent slippery liquid inside bottle but since it is foaming face wash when you pump it in your hands it comes out as foam ๐Ÿ™‚

Saslic DS Foaming face wash - Pump dispenser

How to use:

Saslic DS Foaming face wash Review


I used it as mentioned in directions and after 2-3 days it irritated my super-sensitive skin (no i’m not allergic to salicylic acid). So i started using it the my way and that is just massage it on skin for 30sec(instead of leaving it)and then wash it off, this way it didn’t irritate. but still since salicylic acid has exfoliating properties, I prefer not to use it every day as i have very sensitive skin. I use it on alternate days or just in the night everyday.

1 and a half pump id enough for me. It doesn’t lather much but cleanses face really well. It doesn’t give sqeaky clean feeling. With regular usage my skin became smoother and my breakout were controlled. This facewash controls oil for good amount of time. Do not forget to moisturize your skin as you might see a little peeling of your skin initially. Overall i really like this facewash and keep using it time to time in between as i don’t have much breakouts now.

This facewash comes in 2 variants: Saslic(1% salicylic acid) and saslic DS(2% salicyclic acid).

I would suggest starting with Saslic 1% so that your skin gets used to slicylic acid then if you want you can switch to Saslic DS.

What I like about Saslic DS foaming facewash:

  • travel friendly packaging.
  • contains Salicylic acid.
  • Effective on acne and makes skin smoother.
  • Controls oil for good amount of time.
  • Does mild exfoliation as well.
  • Medicated.

What I don’t like about Saslic DS foaming facewash:

  • Gets over very soon(25-30 days if used twice daily) thereforeย Pricey for quantity.
  • Can irritate sensitive skin(go for 1% variant)

Final Verdict: 4.5/5

I liked the facewash, it improved my skin condition, controlled breakouts and controlled oil. Itย delivers what it promises. If you have oily acne prone skin, go for it. I have repurchased it many times and I totally recommend it. Pregnant Ladies!! do consult your doctor before using any kind of treatments.

So Ladies How you find my review about Cipla Saslic DS foaming facewash? Have you used it? How you find it? Share your thoughts in comment section below.

Till next time…take care…xoxo.




Comments 46

  1. Heyy, I’ve too tried this and the other variant Saslic (1%).
    For now, I use Loreal Go 30 antibreakout cleanser (Salicylic acid 2%). Thats expensive but lasts a loooong time for me.. So overall more budget friendly than Saslic’s.

  2. Mine is also a oily skin with acne..can I use this four times a day?or only two times..if only two times in the rest of time can we use normal soaps or only acne soaps..

    1. Yeah you can use it 4 times…but if your skin is sensitive I would suggest you to pick cipla saslic face wash instead of cipla saslic DS because that has 1% salicylic acid so using it 4 times also won’t irritate skin ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. If saslic 1% is not working efficiently in that way, will this be of any good?? I suffer from cystic acne every now and then, so a little recommendation will be helpful.

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