Bridesmaid’s Dress Dilemma Made Easy…


Bridesmaid’s Dress Dilemma Made Easy…

Heylo Everyone,

I was watching one of the hilarious chic-flicks “Bridesmaids” last weekend and I realised that along with the bride-to-be, bridesmaids also have the tension to select the perfect dress that fits in the budget(Some serious budget dilemma in the movie :D). Girls if you haven’t watched the movie yet, I would suggest to watch it asap 🙂

Anyways coming back to my realization, I have browsed online and found some really great options of budget friendly gorgeous dresses (like under $50 🙂 No I’m not kidding) at promtimes and giving the current online shopping trend, I thought I would introduce few options here to spread awareness and help someone in need 🙂

In India there is not much trend of bridesmaids but it is catching up here soon 🙂 So here I have grouped few bridesmaids’ dress options I liked into 3 categories: classy, sassy and girl next door.


In this category I have shortlisted few of the elegant and classy dresses which I liked. These dresses I have selected from their prom dress collection but these are very apt for bridesmaids as well. These dresses enhance your beauty without looking too bold 🙂 This is my favorite category.



A little touch of sassiness in the dress doesn’t hurt anyone. Dresses in this category are simple but add sexiness to the look with simplicity and design, perfect choice for those who want to wear short dresses but don’t want to look like girl next door 🙂 This category is my second favourite. Here are few designs of my choice:


Girl next door:

This is the safest category to go for. When in doubt, opt for this category and one can never go wrong with it. Flowey fabrics, cute little detailing, floral badges adds girly factor to the dresses. These are my picks in this category:

Girl Next Door

Promtimes has a great variety of designs and colors for bridesmaids’ dresses. They also have under $50 collection of prom dress too 🙂

Which one of these categories you would go for, if you were to be a bridesmaid? Drop your comments in comment section below.

Till next time…take care…xoxo.

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