Style Book : Monsoon Ready


Style Book : Monsoon Ready

Heylo Everyone,

I hope you all are doing great. Monsoon is already here and I’m loving it to the core. I love monsoon season as for me it gives a chance to fuss-free comfy clothes, bye-bye heavy jewelry, Oh-so-colorful flip-flops and all beautiful shorts and flowy outfits 🙂 Limeroad has recently launched their first ever blog fest with theme Monsoon in focus, so I thought why not create my first ever scrapebook(lookbook) on LimeRoad and share my idea f being monsoon ready with everyone 🙂

My definition of style is “whatever you can wear with confidence and comfort”. So here are my style ideas and my picks for a monsoon ready outfit:

1. Non-Body hugging top:

As in monsoon you are never sure when it will start raining so my idea of comfort style is that if you are wear body-fitted clothes, it is going to be very uncomfortable if you are drenched and your body might not like it. So I prefer loose tops with stylish flare. Here is what i picked for this look an asymmetric sleeveless top:

asymmetric double layered top

2. Shorts and Capries – Non-Muddy Business:

I prefer wearing comfort-fitted or loose shorts and capries in monsoon to keep my clothes mud-proof to an extent 😛 I hate mud stains. Again flowy fabric stops them to cling to your body and giving you rashes. Here is my pick a pair of black lacy shorts and a pair of black floral shorts 🙂 Who said you can’t spice it up 😛

black lacy shorts

black floral shorts

3. Flip-flops:

flipflops are comfortable, fuss free and low maintenance. You can stop worrying about your footwear getting dirty, messy and spoiled due to mud or rains. Just throw a pair of flip-flops and you are good to go 🙂 Oh and if you are a ballerinas’ fan like me, you can wear monsoon ready ballerinas as well, I have mine 🙂

flip flops

4. Backpack it all:

Backpacks are more convenient in rainy weather as you can keep all your things in it and carry it on your back and keep your hands free. Wanna enjoy the rains without worrying about your phone or wallet getting drenched??? Throw all these things in a zip-lock and keep it in your backpack, you are monsoon ready 🙂

multicolored backpack

5. Accessories- Less is more:

I keep my accessories minimum as the idea is to keep the look fuss free and low maintenance. Your metal jewelry might not like the rains as much as you do 😀 So keep it minimal yet stylish 🙂 Throw a pair of wayfarers or simple floral ear studs and you will rock it.

red animal print wayfarers

You can keep your hair the way you want but do carry a rubber band in your bag 🙂

Here is my first scrapbook on limeroad:

Scrapbook 1 LimeRoadBlogFest

How you find my style ideas for being monsoon ready? Will you sport the look I have created? What are your style tips and tricks for monsoon? Please share you ideas in comment section below 🙂

Love to hear from you all. Till next time…take care…xoxo.

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