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Heylo Everyone, so finally winter is here at our doorstep, so are holidays. In order to celebrate holiday gifting spirit, I am here with review of one such website which offers personalized and non-personalized gift items online. I love personalized gifts when it comes to loved ones because it gives the warm feeling that you have put efforts in deciding the gift. Anyhow approached me to try out their site and share the experience with all of you. I have picked up a few items and here I am to share my overall experience with all of you.

My Shopping haul from

It is pretty easy to shop from different categories and there is one dedicated section for Personalized gifts where you can find various sub-categories of items you want to order like pillows, wall frames, photo-frames, mugs etc. I chose two items for my haul one is set of 3 pillows and 1 personalized wall photo. The order came in 7 days and was packed nicely and all the items came packed in individual bubble wrap. My experience with individual items is as follows:

1. Mr. & Mrs. Personalized Anniversary Cushion Set: 1180/- INR

This is a very cute cushion set and I immediately liked it as soon as i saw it on site. It looked beautiful and 3 cushions with personalized cushion covers in 1180/- INR seemed justifiably priced. But when i received it I was highly disappointed because the cushions were really small and were so thin that it has almost non-existent volume. At first look i thought they forgot to send cushions and then i have realized that those almost sheet like thingy were cushions. Cushion covers are of good quality though, but overall I felt like cheated for paying 1200 for such product.

Here is how it looks on site:

And here is how it actually came:

Can you see the bigger cushions are as thin as the cushion covers. 🙁

2. Happily Ever After Personalized Wedding Canvas: 930/- INR

This was the second item which I had in mind for a long time. I wanted to get our paris moment framed like this canvas wall photo so I have decided to go ahead and get this personalized.

The product is very similar to the picture on website but not as vibrant as it look on site. It is okayish product and not value for money.

This is how it looked on site:

And here is how it actually came:

These are good quality pictures taken in day light, still the dull colors can be seen.

My Final Verdict: has wide variety and lots of attractive gift options to choose from BUT honestly I did not feel the items I have received were value for money. I have placed an order for 2110/- INR and I had a coupon for 2000/- INR. I so wanted it to be perfect or atleast 90% of how it looked on site but it totally failed to match the expectations they have set. The prices are not too-good-to-be-true either, they are priced how it should be priced but items we get are not value for money and felt cheaper version of what is shown in pictures. Try it at your own risk. I will not recommend you to go for expensive items in first attempt. Try and order something reasonably priced and you’ll get to know the real deal. has totally failed to impress me. I am not gonna order anything in future, I would rather go for other options available online.

I have never bashed any site but this just did not cut it for me. Have you shopped from share your experience in comment section below.

Til next time…take care…xoxo.


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