Get Rid of Dry And Rough Hair: Causes, Treatment and Prevention

Today we are going to talk about one of the major hair problem – Dry Hair. When we don’t drink enough water, our throat and mouth feels dry. Similarly, when the hair doesn’t receive enough moisture, it becomes rough and dry. Hair retains its moisture through the oil produced by the scalp and when scalps don’t generate enough oil, the hair gets dry.

There are other reasons too which are explained below:

  • Malnutrition: As self explanatory it is, it is no secret that lack of enough proteins and minerals results in body going weak and hair is no exception. In the absence of rich minerals, hair gets dry and rough as it doesn’t receive nutrition subsequently dehydrating with each passing day
  • Dry air: Dry air is a common phenomenon which is experienced during summers due to dry heat, especially in regions with dry climate. Regular exposure to dry air can take away the moisture from the hair root leaving your hair dry and rough and makes you susceptible to hair fall
  • Anorexia: This is a disorder where people starve themselves in order to stay too thin. This obviously results in lack of nutrients being supplied to the body and subsequently affects the hair too. Due to lack of necessary nutrients hair starts losing its natural shine and health and becomes rough and dry
  • Excessive washing: Washing your hair regularly with shampoos causes serious damage to hair as the shampoos mainly have strong chemicals which take the moisture away from your hair. Similarly, excessive blow drying of hair too removes the moisture from the hair roots and leaves them dry.
  • Hypothyroidism: This is a medical condition where body produces too less thyroid hormone. While hypothyroidism can cause damages such as heart ailment and obesity, one of its victims are your hair too. Dry hair is one of the earliest symptoms of hypothyroidism and shouldn’t be left untreated.

Related issues:

Dry hair is in itself a big issue but it leads to several other problems too. Dry hair cause:

  • Severe dandruff problem
  • Hair fall due to weaker hair roots
  • Shedding of skin from scalps
  • Breaking of hair

Lifestyle related solutions:

All these hair issues can add to stress which will cause more problems but just like most other problems this problem too has a solution. The issue of dry hair can be treated by making little changes to your life style. Some of the treatments are:

  • Wash your hair lesser than usual. Instead of washing them everyday, do it once a week. That will help in retaining the moisture.
  • Try not to go for chemical hair treatments.
  • Avoid blow drying your hair. Wash them atleast half an hour before leaving the house so that you will have ample time to dry them naturally.
  • Keep hair ironing at bay for sometime.
  • Use conditioners while washing your hair. Always use shampoo and conditioners which suit your type of hair.

Homemade Treatments:

While these are regular toning of your lifestyle, there are several homemade treatments for dry hair as well, such as:

  • Hot oil massage: Massaging your hair with slightly hot oil improves the blood flow of scalps and it helps in the nutrients reaching the hair root. This moisturizes hair and prevents the hair from being becoming further rough and dry. Do it a few times a week to see the change in your hair
  • Have fish oil pills: Armed with fatty acids (Omega-3), fish oil pills keep the hair moisturized and contain dryness
  • Egg and lemon juice: Take a beaten egg and mix lemon juice along with your choice of hair oil. You can use almond, olive, coconut or even mustard oil. Egg is rich in protein and enzymes which will hydrate your hair and give it a much needed lustre. Lemon juice is also a hydrating element and also removes the smell of egg. Oil being a natural moisturiser combines with the two and gives you hair refreshingly hydrating boost
  • Aloe Vera: Being a citrus fruit, aloe vera pulp or juice can be used as a great conditioner for dry and rough hair. After washing your hair, apply aloe vera pulp on your scalps and give it a gentle massage. Leave it to settle and wash it off with water. Don’t wash it with a shampoo
  • Yoghurt massage: Yoghurt is a cooling agent, a sour yoghurt has lactic acid which cleanses the scalp and hair while the fat provides enough lubrication to the hair. Simply take a 2-3 teaspoons of yoghurt and gently rub it on your hair and scalp. Give it a fair bit of massage and let it be for half an hour. Wash it off with a mild or baby shampoo.

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Till next time…Take Care…xoxo.

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  1. I think that malnutrition would be my case, cause I love junk food and then I don’t eat very healthy things, but I am trying to change. I think that the yoghurt mask/massage is very good! Hope you have a very nice week, dear!

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