Dresslily Shopping Experience & Haul

Heylo everyone, log time no see :D. I have been rather demotivated to do anything, thanks to the gloomy weather. A few days back, I have shared my Dresslily Wishlist and I decided to shop a few items from the list. The order is arrived and I’m here to share my shopping experience with Dresslily & my shopping haul.

Dresslily Shipping & Handling:

Dresslily ships internationally. The shipping is free over order of $45. I have not been charged any customs on my order. They have buyer protection which allows 30 Day Returns Guarantee and Full or Partial refund if the item is not as described.

My Dresslily Shopping Experience:

I have placed an order for a dress, earrings and a bag. But after 2-3 days I got to know that dress was out of stock. So I had to place a replacement. I ordered an skirt.

The order was delivered within 15days of placing the order. The items came in plastic bag and delicate items like earrings and boxed round bag came bubble wrapped. The skirt came wrapped in normal plastic and the other bag came in cloth bag.

My Dresslily Shopping Haul:

And Finally time to see all the items. I have made a comparison collage including the pic from site and actual item. So lets see.

1. 1PC Rhinestoned Double Star Earring:

I have placed the order and did not notice that it said 1pc and not a pair. I have realized that when i have received only 1 earring :D. So pay attention to details. The earring is no doubt very pretty and i wear normal stud in other ear and it works well.

2. Round Shape Embroidery Star Crossbody Bag:

This handbag is so quirky and cute. The bag looks exactly like the site. It is box style with velvet cover and embroidered with sun and moon charms on it.

3. Midi High Waisted Velvet Pleated Skirt:

Pleated skirt are back for good couple of years and looks like they are here to stay for some time. I really liked the khaki colored skirt. The skirt came is really beautifully sewn and has lining under it. The fabric is good quality and worth the price. Can’t wait to share my ootd with you all soon.

4. Small Square Bag Single Shoulder Bag:

I love black bags and charms are my favorite. The bag is sling and quite spacious. Bag has good quality lining and sewn really well. Quality is well worth the price.

Final Thoughts:

Overall my dresslily shopping experience has been very satisfying. The quality of the items I have ordered justified the price. The size chart of different item is different so do not assume that one size chart is true for all items. I would suggest to refer the size chart given with individual item. With few items the expected shipping time like “3-5 business days” is also given, in case you want to place some urgent order. The only thing which i did not like that the items go out of stock very soon and sometimes even after placing the order.

I plan on buying few more things from dresslily and will share with you when i do. Meanwhile check them out and enjoy shopping.
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Till next time…take care…xoxo.

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