DIY: Dark lips!!! Try these simple ideas

Heylo all,

How are you? Sorry for being away from the blog for few days. I was a little busy so couldn’t get time to write posts. But here I’m.. I’ll try to be as regular as possible 😛

Today’s post is DIY cum Gyan wardhak post 😛 I like doing such post in which I can share easy to do home-made fix for enhancing our beauty 🙂 Today I’ll be sharing a few ideas to make your lips naturally pink and healthy and get rid of the dark lips. Please excuse the lack of photos in the post.

Lemon – Rubbing lemon juice over darkened lips can help lighten them. You can directly rub lemon slice or put a little bit of salt or sugar on lemon slice and rub it gently on your lips. Being a natural bleaching agent, lemon helps remove pigmentation and dark spots on skin also while sugar/salt acts as a natural scrub. But make sure you are not harsh while rubbing as skin of your lips is very sensitive and soft and too much pressure can harm it. Also don’t do it more than twice a week.

Dark Lips Remedies DIY_lemon



Cucumber – Take a 1 spoon cucumber juice and dip a cotton ball in it and pat it on your lips(do not lick it 😛 though you might get tempted to..), let it dry and then wash. Cucumber juice is cooling and have moisturizing qualities and can help bring the colour back to darkened dry lips. You can use mixture of cucumber and lemon juice also 🙂

Dark Lips Remedies DIY_Cucumbers


Beetroots – Rub some beetroot juice onto your lips and leave it on for 5-10 minutes allowing the skin to soak it all up. Wash it off and repeat this for a few days until you see the pinkness coming back in your lips.

Dark Lips Remedies DIY_Beetroot



Olive oil – Extra virgin olive oil also acts as a very good natural scrub for skin. Massaging your lips (you can massage your face too no matter what you skin type is…trust me it works) with olive oil before bed can help to not just lighten the lips but also bring moisture and flexibility to them.

Dark Lips Remedies DIY_Olive oil


So that is all from my side. Feeling very sleepy.. Do let me know in comments if you have some DIY tips like these for brightening your lips 🙂

P.S. Images are taken from google images.

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