Clear blue water & White one-piece swimsuit : Summer Wishlist

Heylo everyone, One thing I’m loving about Hongkong is the weather here. This time of year India is screeching with heat and in HK it is pleasant :). 2-3 days normal humid weather then it rains on 3rd or 4th day. But changing coun try doesn;t mean we don’t luct on items as per season ;). Last year I shared my summer essentials wishlist ft , So zaful asked me again to checkout their site if I have a wishlist this time and yes they have droolworthy stuff. What I had in mind was a white one-piece swimsuit and a pool filled with clear blue water!!! Ahhhh dreams… I wish I get daring and fit enough to don that white bikini some day 😉

Anyhow so here are some realistic items from my wishlist from

1. Floral Plunging Neck Cut Out Dress:

Floral prints and comfy fabric are my thing for summers. This musturd yellow dress with floral prints is screaming summers 🙂 Not too bright yet not too dull. And that plunging neckline though 😉

2. Spaghetti Strap Floral Print Laciness Romper :

Again floral and airy fit, this Romper looks perfect for summer day out :).. And those pompoms added cuteness.

3. Casual Floral A-Line Dress :

I can’t resist such floral dresses which look like you can live in them day and night 🙂 This particular one looks so comfy and awesome. I have something similar in my closet 😉

4. Mixed makeup applicators kit:

I avoid wearing much makeup in summers and right tools are very important to get non-cakey evenly blended out look, for a makeup which is not madeup ;). I saw this minit brushes and spong kit and had a crush on it. This has 5Pcs Eye Makeup Brushes Kit + Foundation Brush + S Shape Blush Brush + Air Puffs. Cool isn’t it?

5. Tricolor Slimming Swimsuit:

Yeah I know I said white swimsuit but then again I said realistic wishlist 😛

6. Asymmetric Tassel Chain Pentagram Earrings:

Bold earings specally asymmetric ones attract me a lot. I have been wearing mis-matched earrings since my school day when it was really not a thing. and have I mentioned I’m obsessed with stars and butterflies 😉

So these are so far my best picks, there is a lot more droolworthy stuff and yes I’m gonna browse day night and then probably will shop few or all items from the wishlist, unless I find something cooler 🙂

What is in your wishlist this summer? Share in comment section below.

Till next time…take care…xoxo.


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