My Haul & Site Review

My Haul

Heylo Everyone,

Monsoon is here 🙂 It has been raining continuously since Friday night. I have seen doing rounds in blogging world lately and I liked that they have personalised beauty profile option. So when Aplava team approached me to try their website and review it, I accepted (afterall, I don’t want to shop said no girl ever :D) So keep on reading to know about my haul and my shopping experience with Haul & Site Review

These days I shop everything online so I’m always on lookout for new websites and great deals and blogging world does not disappoint me. Aplava creates a personalised beauty profile by asking all skin and hair related questions and based on that you can shop by recommendations. BUT this beauty profile does not get saved so next time you click on shop by recommendation it will take you through same process of creating beauty profile again which is frustrating. I wish they save the profile and then provide the option to edit it if someone wants to make changes.

Coming to the product ranges, they have majorly personal care products, skin care, hair care etc and little bot of makeup as well. They have brand variety also. For a start up e-com site they have fair amount of brands and products range but they really need to ramp that up.

Now coming to my shopping experience, my order got delivered in 7 days which is not very fast but okayish. My parcel came packed really well and all the things were carefully bubble-wrapped. Haul

Now Lets have a look at my shopping haul:

My Haul

I have placed order for 3 things:

  1. DERMALOGICA Clear Start Today, Clear Skin Tomorrow.
  2. DERMALOGICA Clear Start Tonight, Clear Skin Tomorrow.
  3. Coloressence Intense Liquid Lip Color.

Now here was once again a challenge, I have received a call from their customer care saying “DERMALOGICA Clear Start Tonight, Clear Skin Tomorrow” is out of stock, can we replace it with “DERMALOGICA School Day Essential Kit” which also serves the similar purpose. I thought in my mind “yeah I saw this kit too and if i wanted this i would have ordered this only not the one that I ordered..” but anyways I said yes. But really!!! one suggestion… check the stock before someone places the order not after.

So here are the 3 things which arrived:

Things I bought from Aplava

1. DERMALOGICA Clear Start Today, Clear Skin Tomorrow:

DERMALOGICA Clear Start Today, Clear Skin Tomorrow

This is my first dermalogica product and it is day care travel size CTM kit.

2. DERMALOGICA School Day Essential Kit:DERMALOGICA School Day Essential Kit

I ordered night time CTM travel size kit but that was out of stock so I got this replacement which is kit including toner, spot fix and moisturizer sample.

3. Coloressence Intense Liquid Lip Color – Flirty Fuschia:

Coloressence Intense Liquid Lip Color

I have been looking for these liquid lipsticks for quite a long time and I have found it here. You can check out these lipsticks online on aplava.

I have also received this coupon code and thank you note: Coupon Code

Overall I have good shopping experience with, they have good customer support and good delivery but there is need of few improvements as well like saving personalised beauty profile, enhanced search option and inclusion of more attractive offers.

Have you shopped from how was your experience? Please leave your thoughts in comment section below.

Till next time…take care…xoxo.

p.s. Partially Sponsored haul but that does not alter my honest opinion.


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  1. No, I never bought from Aplava, but it sees to be so good! And to give a personalised skin profile is great! I never wore any Dermalogica product, but I have heard that they are great! This line “start today/tonight” for a better skin tomorrow is really great! Hope you have a nice day!

  2. I didn’t even know about this site before you mentioned it. So thank you 🙂
    Waiting for the product review, especially of Coloressence Intense Liquid Lip Color. Joined your blog girl 🙂 🙂 great stuff you have on it.

    Do check out my blog and follow if you like 😀

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